Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Orange juice

...is the name of an octopus, being created right now. Not only will he be amazing, and my first knit amigurumi, he will be my first project knit using double pointed needles the entire time! I've gone through about 38 rows, and he's coming together nicely. There are a few holes where I got confused with my yarn overs and make 1s (when doing M1s, yarn comes towards; when doing YOs, yarn goes away) but other than that, he's looking very nice. I'm using Caron Simply Soft on US 6s, producing very close stitches which is great so the stuffing won't show through. When I get to the legs, I get to learn how to pick up stitches. OJ is such a learning project. I'm also going to substitute safety eyes for the crochet/french knot bug eyes shown on the Lion Brand website. (where this pattern is from.)

I've also completed everything for my dishcloth swap, but I'm waiting until KittyVegas receives to post pictures in case she gets sneaky and peeks.

On a more political note, Congratulations Obama! I'm pretty Obama-ed out though, with watching the inauguration and parade. In fact, when I took a nap today, Obama was in my dream! (No, this wasn't a "let's get it on" kind of dream. That would have been too freaky.) I'm really glad that this has happened during my lifetime, and my mother's who has gone from being present at the March in Washington to see this, something she never would have thought possible. I wish Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today to see this, and all those people that have worked for our rights. I also wish I had gone down, but after running out to get some Subway I realized it would have been ridiculously cold down there, and I wouldn't want to try to get on the Metro with 1.4 million people. What we probably would have done was just gone down to see the swearing in (tx Judge [forgot his name] for messing Obama up!) and then left with all the other people walking across the Memorial Bridge back to VA. My friend was somewhere down there on a roof! She sent me a picture from her phone, and there's this little tiny dot in the left hand corner which is the Capitol. I was probably closer. Regardless, I'm glad change has happened, and I truly believe Obama is the change this country so desperately needs.

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