Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You've got mail!

Sometimes I miss the AOL "you've got mail!" noise. Then I remember I could only go online for about an hour a night because my mom was usually on the telephone. Not so much.

Anyway, the mailman was very good to me today. My Moonlight DVDs came! I'm so excited! I want to watch them all right now but I also want to savor each and every episode. Plus, Sci Fi is going to start showing it on Fridays. Looks like I won't be going on any dates Friday nights again. And mom and I decided to watch Lie to Me instead, which was a really good choice. It was an awesome show. The main character is a lot like House sharing similar world views (everyone lies) but it still makes for good entertainment. I learned a lot about body language which is always interesting.

I also received my awesome dishcloth from KittyVegas. She knit me a kitty! (I hope you can see it.) I love the color of the yarn she used. All I have is in the realm of pink yarn is Lion Cotton is that horrid fuchsia color. I like it, but I have three huge balls of it.

Tomorrow I start classes. I have music and two art history classes. I would have been there today yet my Spanish class was canceled. On to crafty news, I cast on for my Le Slouch using some extremely white Cotton Ease. It's going to be perfect for the snow that I hope we get soon. It's cold enough! There may as well be snow on the ground.

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