Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Snow! Finally! Finally Northern Virginia gets snow! (Okay, it's technically not the first one as we had flurries Thanksgiving, but this is the first snow that counts.) Last time I checked we had about 2.5 inches, so I'm guessing now it's about 3. Unfortunately, Mason didn't close classes, but as it took my boyfriend an hour to get to school, and my school is 20 minutes farther out than his is, I opted to stay home. And annoy Susie by putting her out in the snow. (It is Baby's First Snow.) To our surprise, she bounded halfway across the deck, then decided she didn't like cold, wet paws and came back. It was really cute, though. Arwen wasn't having any of it; she's fallen for that trick before.

I really didn't get much done today. I'm almost finished one of my scrap petals and my Le Slouch, but the seed/moss stitch is getting annoying. I love it, it's my new favorite stitch, but it's getting tedious. I knit for 3 whole hours last night and it doesn't look like I did much. But it's going to be an awesome hat. Orange Juice is in a state of semi-hibernation, as is my "Hearts for the Tush" cushion. OJ's legs need to be done on DPNs, but after picking up and knitting the 8 required stitches, then casting on the 5 more (13 doesn't divide evenly by 3 which really makes my OCD go into overdrive. Uneven stitches makes me unhappy.) there's this phantom strand where it hasn't connected. I need help. My HftT cushion demands I use US 7 needles, but I only have one pair which is currently being employed for scrap cloths, then a dishcloth for a swap. Plus, stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch boxes can be boring. All for the sake of Burning Up the Stash!

Here's my Le Slouch progress. Since I snapped this yesterday, I've done a lot more. I have about 2 more inches to go. I don't want it to be too slouchy, but I need slouch. I'm hoping 7 inches will be a good medium.

The first panel of my HftT cushion. I'm a little concerned because sometimes acrylic doesn't block that well, but if all the panels are curvy then it won't really matter, will it? I'll just stitch them together as best I can. It looks horribly lumpy, but when it's done, no one will know about its non-fashionable younger days.

Here's my first scrap Petal. My mom has declared it's hers. There's a lot of color going on in here, so the one I'm currently knitting is red, green twists (two wedges the left of the black and yellow ombre. (the wedge to the right of the black) I'm conflicted a little, because I want to make scrap cloths, but I also want to make some amis with the cotton, which has great stitch definition. I'm also getting a tad tired of Petals. Maybe one more in seed stitch, then some amis.


KSee said...

now if I read this first I would have know you go to GMU. My BFF lives right off Braddock not far from the school. She is a retired HS teacher, last school was Annandale High.
I like the moss stitch but it is a pain to do.
I wonder if we will get a real snow day!

mochaxlight said...

The Annandale Atoms! My old BFF went there.

Ugh @ moss stitch. But the end result is so gorgeous!