Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you think the second movement has too many violins?

Once upon a time, in a world very similar to this, there was a girl who just embarked on a knitting and crocheting adventure. Her "to knit/crochet" list only had 10 items on it! Four out of 10 had been completed. Under the list there was written in all caps AND THEN MORE YARN!

The 6 projects left still haven't been completed. Yarn has been divied up for different project. My 3 balls of Cotton Ease have been supposed to be made into a Market Bag, then a Light and Lively Tank and finally what it should be soon, a Ribbed Lace Bolero. I still haven't done the Fishie Purse, Homespun pillow or Tioreg bag, and the Microspun has been assigned to different projects. I've purchased way too much too yarn and my "to do" list is expansive. Finding this was pretty funny; one time I didn't have an overflowing stash and had time to do these projects before getting sidetracked and buying more yarn for a project I wasn't going to do for a year. I've gotten better though. One of my 2009 resolutions is when I DO buy yarn, do the project right away instead of hoarding it. And it's been working. I bought two skeins of Bernat's Soft Boucle for a pink hat and scarf set to go to my aunt who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I've been working on it instead of setting it aside. Besides, it's probably cold in PA right now and what will she do with it in June? I only have about two more inches to do on the hat, then I'm ready to begin the decreases, and my mom is almost finished the scarf. I think I'm going to add a knit flower to give it girly flair. I've also used this yarn to begin my Traveling Scarf Swap scarf. I CO 30 stitches and did a simple basket weave pattern for 5 inches. I can't wait until August (!!) to receive the finished project. I requested all pinks, so it's going to be amazing. This is also going to be a great stash busting project for me.

I've been working really hard to get my WIPs finished so I can move on with the stash busting. I think I have like 7 WIPs floating around the house in various stages of completion, most are almost halfway finished. I really need to get working, especially on my friend's birthday present as her birthday is on the leap year and she's abroad in China so it's going to take like two weeks to get there.

In non-craft news, I didn't couldn't go to school today because of a migraine. I've taken a ton of medicine, and nothing seems to be working so I'm guessing it's a cluster migraine (I've been blowing my nose all. day.) I really hate my migraines; the pain is so distracting I can barely do anything. Driving is a nightmare. I was able to get my reading done and almost finish a block for my 2008 afghan. Esther's Square is totally awesome; it looks amazing. I recommend switching colors every two rows so you know exactly where you are. I tried crocheting it for my mom's blanket all in one color and it was one big fat mess, but I'm using green, white and purple and switching every two rows plus using a safety pin and it's coming along great. I only have four more blocks until it's finished! Then I can get crackin' on my scrapghan and BUTS (Burning Up the Stash for the Muggles.)


KSee said...

7 UFO's! I don't know how you can do it. I always have one going because I know if I don't finish it will never get done. Then you started your own swap. School, swap, kiddo, I don't know how you do it. Ah, to be young again.
You must leave me a comment with your a email addy so I can reply back. Or you have mine and can comment offline. I did not know we live along the same road.

mochaxlight said...

I get easily bored with one project and usually work on 3 a night.
Woa, what? I don't have a kid! I have two kitties who count as children though. :D

mochaxlight said...

Sometimes I talk about picking the boys up from school, but that's because my mom does daycare. I should be clearer next time! :P