Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ah, two of my favorite things...my new iPhone and the ami I made for Boyfriend for Valentine's. I'm so thrilled with my phone; I LOVE IT. Though I know I'm not going to be so thrilled about the bill when it comes in. I think Boyfriend is more excited than I am.

For Valentine's Day, I crocheted up this cute little lovebug for Boyfriend. The original pattern called for red and pink yarn, but I thought alien green would suit his tastes better. He came with a heart ribbon to get in the spirit.
Lovebug by Heliina Swerdylk
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft BRITES in Limelight and leftover Lion Brand Cotton Ease in snow from my le Slouch.
My favorite, the turquoise H.
Notes/modifications: Different colors. For some reason he came out larger than expected. I also couldn't manage to crochet a decent looking heart for the wings, so he got circles, and I used felt circles for the eyes instead of hearts. More "masculine" if you will. And I didn't use pipe cleaners to make him look extra "other worldy;" they just wouldn't bend the way I wanted them to.

I made Boyfriend Peruvian Fish soup. It had cod, scallops and shrimp (I couldn't get squid, but the shrimp was awesome anyway.) It was spicy, but delish. After awhile the texture of the scallop got to me, and so did the spice, but it was yummy nonetheless. I received candy and roses, and we watched Juno. There's nothing like a pregnant 16 year old to fully appreciate love.

I also finished up the first of my 2009 12" squares in the same colorway. This is the Ravelry 6" One Heart. I've also started joining my mom's squares together using the flat braid joining technique in Off White and it looks totally awesome. It's so pretty, and the colors suit her perfectly. I need to get my butt working to finish my 4 squares for mine.


Rachael said...

your love bug is cute!! Saw it on Craftster and had to check it out. Just letting you know, that the link you put in there is broken. . .


that's the live link :D

mochaxlight said...

Thanks! I'll change that right away. ;)