Sunday, February 15, 2009

#12, #26, #34, #74, #90

#12. Join a yoga class.
My mom and I signed up to take Hatha yoga starting in April. I'm really excited. And of course, because I'm a crafter I have to make us yoga mat bags. ;) It won't be marked complete until we attend a class.

#26. Make a dish using ingredients I wouldn't normally buy.
For Valentine's Day, I made the boyfriend Peruvian Fish Soup. It was incredibly delicious. Spicy because of the cumin and jalapeno, but delicious. I used bacalao (cod) and scallops, both of which I've never used before. The consistency of the scallops started to get to me after a while (that mucous-y feeling going down my throat just isn't right but it was delicious nonetheless.

#34. Start a DeviantArt for my poetry.
I have a DeviantArt for my poetry: There's nothing there yet, because I haven't gotten around to writing anything new or typing anything up. I'm also going to put pictures in there (mostly macro shots of flowers; they're my favorite thing to photograph) and any original crafty things, like amigurumi that I didn't follow a pattern for. Keep yer eyes peeled for updates!

#74. Visit the countries/places where my ancestors are from. (Germany again.)
I think I'm going to Berlin for two weeks at the beginning of June! I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be with Mason, the art history and history department is conducting a trip chock full of museum visits. It looks really interesting, and I'm seriously considering it. I've been to Munich, and I loved it. I really hope I get to go! Except it's not all going to be a walk in the park, there'll be homework. Like a 10 - 20 page paper due at the end! . (!!) But I do get 6 credits, and it's totally worth it. I'm a little concerned about the workload (stuff every day, plus a Saturday class!) but hey, when am I going to get to go to Berlin again, AND explore museums. Plus I need to get more involved in school.

#90. Try 10 new restaurants. (3/10)
The other day Boyfriend bought over some sushi from Matsui Sushi. (New restaurant!) He had California rolls and some other kind that was spicy and had shrimp. I didn't try the second spicy ones (I'm not a fan of spice), but the California rolls were pretty tasty. I don't know if I'm a big sushi fan, but it was pretty yummy and nice to try.

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