Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm so thrilled. I finished my Le Slouch tonight! I would be wearing it, but the bag it was being stored in had unconstrained chocolate chips so there's a lovely brown splotch on it. Other than that, it fits perfectly, and it has the perfect slouch. The Cotton Ease has great stitch definition, and the seed stitch makes it more interesting than just stockinette.

Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Snow
Needles: US 8 circs and DPNs
Would I knit this again? I already have to; my mom wants one
Notes/modifications: I knit a 2x2 ribbing instead of 1x1 just because. Other than that I followed the pattern perfectly.

I knit another Petal by Hazel Shrock but this time I did stockinette stitch. I used Sugar 'n Creme Twists in Green Twists, and Peaches and Creme in Daisy Ombre and ... uh, red. Just red.

And for my VDAY Cookie swap. Here are all the goodies I received from kitty1256:

I knit her a Granny Heart (basically a heart shaped cloth using the granny's favorite basic pattern) by Micki.
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cotton in fuchsia (I'm so ready to use up this color, you have no idea. If anyone reads this, I'm willing to trade for a few balls of Sugar 'n Creme or Peaches 'n Creme!!)
Needles: US 7s
I would definitely knit this again. It's so easy and quick, two things I love about the original granny's favorite cloth.

Work is going on for Valentine's Day. I'm planning on making Peruvian soup for Boyfriend, who is Peruvian, and some small crafty and romantic things.


KSee said...

I'm here but so very behind in reading. Love the hat. I have some stash of Lion Brand Cotton. let me check & see what I have. Peaches n' Cream sounds familar. I'll let you know. My stash is still not sorted. What school are you going too?

mochaxlight said...

Mmm, I love cotton. The great thing is is I'm going to be able to wear the hat in the summer, instead of looking like a weirdo in a wool hat in 90 degree weather.

Peaches 'n Creme is produced by Wal-Mart.

I keep reorganizing and reorganizing my stash. Something about touching all those yarns and imagining the finished products brings me great joy.

Rachael said...

i love your slouch!! i may make something like that for christmas gifts this year!! Very cute!