Saturday, March 14, 2009

FO pr0n!

Ah, the sweet smell of success that accompanies finishing large projects. Since I've been using all my free time working on these afghans, I feel like I have nothing left to work on, even though I have projects in various stages of completion. Pah. The new issue of knitty just came out, and I was tickled pink with the addition of the Reverie Beret. I have the perfect yarn to use in my stash (kudos for stash busting) - Berroco's Love It Colors in Monday, Monday. The yarn's original purpose was the Tioreg Bag but I want the hat more. Now I'm just waiting for me needles, so while I wait, here are my recent FOs.

I finished my January square for my multicultural scrapghan. Esther's Square in RHSS Cherry Chip and Caron Perfect Match in Espresso. It's HUGE. All the other afghan squares were supposed to be 12 inches but all came out at around 10, and because they were all the same size it didn't matter much. But 24 of these bad boys PLUS 12 6" blocks is going to make one massive yummy crazy colored blanket.

Two amigurumi, one an octopus for my friend's birthday. She's currently abroad in Beijing so even though I made it in time for her leap year birthday, it hasn't arrived yet. (Or I haven't heard anything.) I gave her a little Chinese flag to make it extra cute. Then, a turtle for an angel swap package. So cute! For some reason, the past two turtles I've made from this pattern have turned out larger than Julio (on the left), who is the cutest turtle ever in my opinion.

I finished my first block for my Traveling Scarf Swap. I used a Red Heart variegated that matches the blue she originally used. I did Granny Stripes, a block from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I love that book, but I've just gotten around to crocheting some squares out of it. I plan on making many afghans using that one and the knitting book.

Speaking of afghans, I FINISHED MY 2008 12" BLOCK A MONTH CROCHET A LONG AFGHANS! I'm so excited; they're so yummy. Heavier than I expected, but I used Caron Simply Soft so they're nice, soft and cozy. They're not quite large enough to wrap around your shoulders, but perfect for the lap, as an extra cover over a comforter or kneading kitty paws. I used the Flat Braid Joining Technique by Priscilla Hewitt for joining and it's awesome. It makes a nice border for the interlocking squares, but it's a lot easier to do if all the squares are around the same size. Both afghans have a round of double crochet and a shell stitch for extra femininity. I can't keep my hands off mind; I carry it around the house like Linus and his security blanket, but I love it, I love it. And the fantastic thing is I MADE IT!

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