Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vera Bradley Inspired 12" Square!

The post everyone has been waiting for! My crochet baby; my first written pattern by yours truly. :D I'm so proud of myself. Now I just need to get the pattern typed up, possibly into a fancy PDF (which might go for free!), and it tested and soon, very soon I will have a written pattern to my name. I'm so proud, did I already mention that?

The story begins one foggy...okay, I don't know if I was foggy, but I know I wasn't feeling too great so I was lying awake in bed, starting around my room and one of my purses caught my eye. It's a Vera Bradley bag, in this print. (not the style.) One of the flowers caught my eye

Excuse the crappy iPhone picture. Bad lighting. :Z

and I said "hey, I can crochet that!" So when I came home from school I did. It became really fluffy because I used a lot of treble crochets. When I finished, Momma mochaxlight asked "what are you going to do with it? Why don't you make it into a square for your scrapghan?" And thus the VB inspired 12in square was born. It would have been only 6in, but the square itself was 6in. I finished it up, and once it was finished, the flower itself looked a lot less fluffy, but still a little 3D which I wasn't to happy with at first, but it's grown on me. It's unique, like Wall-E.

Can you guess what my new favorite stitch is? Yep, spike stitch FTW!

I'm so proud that I've written my own pattern. I always see amazing patterns online, and am always stunned by freehand crochet or how people work without a pattern, but after doing a lot of crocheted squares, I've gotten the hang of it. Now I'm on a "mochaxlight originial pattern" kick. Don't look for sweaters anytime soon (though I have made progress on my Watermelon Cropped Cardi, the swatch in talked about in this post) but I have some ideas for amigurumis, including a technicolor squirrel, the Insectosaurus from Monsters vs. Aliens and possibly a Digi, the new mascots for Cox Communications, that Momma mochaxlight has fallen in love with.

In other news, slow going on the third round of Saartje's Bootees for my cousin's soon to be born child. When I knit, I slip the stitches off the needle with my index finger, and using the size 2s, it begins to hurt after a few rows. Luckily, Clover sells finger thimbles, but progress on my Watermelon Cardi and schoolwork have interfered. Speaking of the Watermelon Cardi, I'm about 18 rows in and have about 5 or so more rows until I start the sleeves (!!!) which kinda confuse me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. What's great about it is that I'm pretty much on track with the measurement given in the schematic, which means (hopefully) my first sweater won't be a complete failure.


Happy Earth Day! Get off your butt and plant a tree, plant some flowers, read John Keats or William Wordsworth and check out other Romantic artists.


Howie said...

Congratulations on your first pattern :) It's cool how you boldly re-imagined that purse pattern. You inspired me to learn the spike stitch, merci!

mochaxlight said...

Thanks. :]

Ooo, it's a fun stitch. I love the variety it produces.