Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#12, #19/#34, #21

Just a quick update about what's going on. It's crazy I haven't even gotten halfway through this and I already have plans for the next 101/1001 list. :P

12. Join a yoga class.
This didn't work out. The first class it was pouring rain and my mom and I really didn't feel like going. (I know, it's the reason to take the class, to make us feel better, but alas.) Then the next class was cancelled because it was Good Friday. The third class I couldn't attend because I had a migraine and my mom didn't want to go without me. :\ Hopefully we'll get our money back. I still want to take a class not only because it's on my list but I want to have the basics down before I jump into doing it on my own. Maybe over the summer it'll be better, and we can take it at the dance studio right down the street.

19. Let 5 different people read a poem I've written. // #34. Start a DevaiantART for my poetry
I let my mom read "The Death of Lolita," inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita, which we just finished reading. You can read it here on my DeviantART which I started for my poetry, but it's also inspired more photography.

#21. Finish my fairy tale.
I added to this "OR finish the future story with Allyn." Ideally, I would like to finish both, but I've been reading and watching a lot of sci-fi and things on the future (like the History Channel's Life After People which has given me more ideas for the future story with Allyn. (I don't have a title yet, so that's what it'll be called until I get one. EDIT @ 9.10: I found the story and the WIP title is "BlackBurn." Not the greatest, I know, but that's what it'll go by until I get a formal title figured out.)

I keep on thinking I have to finish these things before the end of the year but I have until 2011! I can go through and finish these as leisurely as I please.

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