Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#13, #27, #54, #68, #70, #90

13. Have over $15,000 in my ING account by the time this list is complete.
I have $934.10 in my ING account. Take that parents! They laughed at me when I said this one. Granted, I don't have to pay rent or for groceries, it's still good that I'm saving and not spending all my earnings on yarn.

27. Plant herbs and use them, including cat nip. (Finished May 19, 2009)
I haven't actually planted them in the ground yet, per se, but I did purchase herbs yesterday. I would have planted them today but I had a migraine. :\ I bought thyme, parsley, basil and catnip. I'm excited for them all. And the cat nip will be great to dry for my kitties. I also bought tomatoes (cherry ones like I had two years ago) and cucumbers! I've never grown them before. I really hope the squirrels don't get to any of my plants. Two years ago, they attacked my mom's hibiscus but left my tomatoes alone. Hopefully they'll leave them alone again this year, too.

54. Knit/crochet fifty dishcloths (9/50)
I did two granny's favorites for my grandmothers for Mother's Day. I really like the randomness of the striping. (Excuse the less then perfect lighting.)

68. Get a 3.0 GPA. (Finished)
Spring 2009 semester I got a 3.17! Overall it's still under 3, because I've failed two classes, but it's still good!

70. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy. (32/100)

I've added 11 more things:
  1. Chuck Norris facts. (They're lame, but they crack me up.)
  2. belugas.
  3. black pearls.
  4. lolcats
  5. getting snail mail.
  6. photography
  7. seeing AWESOME movies at the theatre
  8. mythology
  9. symbols/symbology
  10. marine biology
  11. art
90. Try 10 new restaurants. (7/10)
Mr. mochaxlight and I went to Virginia Beach and tried four new restaurants. The first, Angelo's By the Sea was in the hotel we stayed in and we had a coupon for a free shrimp cocktail. Yummy. I ordered seafood pasta and I'm positive I don't like scallops. The texture is just disgusting. I don't like clams (from the shell) either, same reason, that boogery texture. The clams were DELICIOUS though, I don't even think they needed any seasoning, you could taste the salt water. Good despite the funky texture. The next morning we went to The Jewish Mother and had french toast, eggs, and pancakes. It was good, but I'd prefer to go there at night and check out some of the live music. Hootie and the Blowfish played there, along with the Wallflowers and tons of local bands and singers. That night we tried a seafood buffet, the King of the Sea, but the buffet didn't have a lot for $25. Mr. mochaxlight got lasagna and I got shrimp scampi. (For some reason, at all the restaurants down there they have shrimp scampi with rice instead of pasta. Weird. But I was able to substitute pasta.) I got an ENORMOUS platter of scampi. Seriously, it was enough for like 5 people. The shrimp was good but a little too garliky, and there was this odd oily flavor. It wasn't that good. And I felt bad for wasting it, but I had no idea they were going to give me a giant's portion. Then, Friday morning, we went to the Maple Tree Pancake House, hands down the best out of all four. I had french toast and they loaded on the cinnamon and it was so so yummy. Mr. mochaxlight had a begian waffle with blueberries and whipped cream. This place was SO delicious, I'm definitely definitely going back there next time we're down there.

So far, I've completed 9 out of 101 items on my list. Go me!

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