Monday, June 8, 2009

Crafter's heaven

Today I found where I'm going to go where I die, where crafter's heaven is: the Jo-Ann's in Woodbridge. It's HUGE. There's a whole fabric section, a middle section of yarn, a framing section and a craft section with paints, decoupage, boxes, home goods, and I don't even know what else because we didn't have enough time to explore. It was fascinating. Momma mochaxlight and I were squealing as we turned down every aisle. We're just going to take a day and go explore. I bought my interfacing for my Father's Day tie, then as we were exploring, stumbled upon a Foamies kit with a hippo and bought some yarn. (I know, I know.) It's Flounce, a ribbon yarn that you have to knit through the ribbon so it ruffles. I'm not sure if the project I bought it for requires ruffles so I might just knit it up like a normal ribbon yarn.

Flounce, in the color way I got.

The whole glorious pink section. Eeee!

We also went to IKEA. They had clothes dryers that looked like octopi. There's nothing like a cephalopod to help dry your undies.

Oh, and because I tested two patterns for EssHaych, she made me one of her EggBerts. Check out her Etsy HERE and here's her picture of my cute EggBert.

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