Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sant Ocean Hall

We're such goofs.

I took Mr. mochaxlight to see a 3D IMAX movie, Deep Sea. It was totally awesome. There's nothing like jellyfish COMIN ATCHA while Johnny Depp tells you all about them. I think we need to go back ASAP and see the one on the dinos.

Dunkleosteus. I love ancient fishes. This has always been one of my favorite specimens from when I was a lil kiddo.

This is either a radiolarian or a dinoflagellate. Either way, cool hat, no?

Mr. mochaxlight was so not into taking touristy pictures. This is apparently a giant squid. Some little kid insisted it wasn't even though the sign said otherwise. I agree with you, kid; it's kinda small for a giant.

Hey baby, check out my big ol' claw. What if that was how humans chose a mate, if one of their arms was like 5x biger than the other? How would guys wear shirts? They couldn't ride bikes. But I bet it'd be really easy for them to hail a cab in NYC.

Coelacanth! Ha, he fooled all ya'als. Everyone was like "oh, they're extinct," and then he popped up off the coast of South Africa I think? I didn't know they were that big.

Anglerfish! You know those monster fish that have a fishing pole on their head? Yeah, who knew they were smaller than an average human size fist.

Of course we had to visit the hippo in the mammal hall. I held his mouth open for this photo op.

Ah, the Capital. Or is it Capitol? Capitol in the Capital? AH. Capito/al is a weird word when you say it like 50 times.

Shoe love. I just thought this picture was cute.

One day (hopefully soon) this will become Lady Finnegan the turtle.

I have a new pattern in the works! Any guesses to what it might be? (You loose 10 brownie points if you looked at the WIPs via Ravelry sidebar. Cheats.)

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