Friday, July 31, 2009

Watermelon cookies.

Say what? No, they were pretty good actually. I don't think they exactly look too much like watermelons, but you get the idea. No watermelons were harmed in the making of these cookies. I used THIS recipe, then dyed half of the dough green and half pink. The colors came out pretty realistically, or at least what I was aiming for, seeing how I dyed the pink half purple first. Oops.

After dying, I refrigerated, then rolled out the green into a long narrow sheet. The consistency and color really reminded me of Play-Doh, but cookies taste better. (Yes, I have tasted Play-Doh. Ew.) Then I took the pink, molded it into a log, placed it into the middle and then wrapped the green around it. I refrigerated it again, cut it out and baked, along with mini chocolate chips for seeds.

Things I learned:
  • Trying to dye cookie dough stirring by hand it is not smart and a real PITA.
  • If you're doing log cookies, like, rolling them into a log before you cut them into little slices, roll the dough out onto wax paper, because even if you put flour on the counter first, it's still going to be a pain to try and get the dough off the counter.
  • If the recipe says it'll make 60 servings, and there's only three people in your house, you should probably half the recipe. Especially if you're trying something new and the cookies don't come out looking good enough to give to the neighbors.
Even if they're really fluffy (I cut them too thick) it was fun, and at least they partly resemble watermelon slices, right?

And this yummy chicken I made last week. IT WAS SO GOOD. I put chicken breasts in a pan, sprinkled onion powder, coriander and thyme over the breasts and added fresh basil leaves, and cooked it for about 45 minutes at 400°. Delish! It was really yummy, and I got to use some of my basil leaves. If you make this chicken, let me know how you liked it!

And I've been working every day on my squares for the quilt-a-long. I'm going to have to double up, though, because I'm already a week behind and I'll be out of town for like 10 days. Or just keep going 10 days extra. Whichever.

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