Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camo pus

Baby Octopus by RubyTuesday
Red Heart Ombres and Multi in Pink Camo
Hook: H
Notes: This is for my friend, who left a comment on my Facebook on a picture of Budgie, the pink octopus saying she wanted me to make her something. That was June, so I'm not that behind. I'll mail it out to her Monday. ETA: This pattern is freaking awesome. I love it. Contrary to what my Ravelry page for this says, it only took one day, about an hour, of crocheting, sewing and gluing the googly eyes on. Damn, I love googly eyes.

I also organized and refolded all my fabrics using The Happy Zombie's tutorial on fabric folding. I found a ton of fabrics I had forgotten about. At least, unlike my yarn "collection," this isn't overflowing...yet.

ETA: This totally made my day:

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