Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Noms.

Today's post brought to you by the letter 'N' for noms.

First, a few nights ago, I made Parsley-Pesto Breadcrumb Spaghetti, courtesy Rachael Ray. (As long as she's not "yum-o"-ing or "delish"-ing everything, she's fine. I have one of her cookbooks, and it's seriously awesome.)


All plated and fancy.

It was ok. My parents loved it. I wasn't too crazy about it. It had too much of a... veggie/parsley taste. Maybe I don't like the parsley. I wish I had liked it; it looked good. (And I didn't use the pine nuts. Stupid nuts. Get out of my food.)

Today my mom and I made mini pies! Brought to you by LUXIRARE and a fab tutorial by Bakerella. We didn't make them into pops, because mini pies are fantastic as is, we don't need to lollipop-ify them to make them slammin. Going for the easiest way possible, we used pre-made pastry crust and canned apple filling. Even so, they were delicious. OMG. You have to seriously make these. We got about a dozen and a half, and I've eaten like 9 already. They are so. good. And incredibly easy. The hardest thing is making sure to press the sides down so they don't puff up and apple filling comes out in the oven. Easy peasy. They're so tiny and yummy, and could be perfect for a cute dessert, or with breakfast. I don't know what it is with me and liking mini things, but these were also the cutest pies I've ever seen. Now I have a craving.

*pauses to sneak downstairs and snag a few from the fridge*

On to pictures:

Pre oven. They look like little raviolis here. Tee hee.

After. So yummy!

A few things:
1. Make sure you use the egg wash. It only really makes a cosmetic difference, but I forgot to do one batch and they came out looking uncooked, versus the others that were brown and shiny.
2. Use parchment paper for no cleanup.
3. Even though LUXIRARE used cornstarch to thicken her filling, we didn't use any. Granted, ours wasn't homemade or anything fancy.
4. Make them! Now!

Tomorrow: Dr. Yarnlove or: How I Learned to Stop Using the Backs of Chairs and the Floor and Love the Yarn Swift.


elociNNicole said...

Ooohhh.... those mini pies look delish. Now I want some.

mochaxlight said...

Go make them. Right now. They're so good, and quick and easy to make, too!