Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#13, #14, #19, #23, #25, #73 and #74, #90, #100

#13. Have over $15,000 in my ING account by the time this list is complete.
After the 17th of September, after my $210 goes in, I'll have $1, 268.90! Go me! Unfortunately, some of this money will be taken out in January, but that's ok. Read more to find out. ;]

#14. Start an Australia Fund.
This used to be "Start an Ireland fund," but then I read The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough (A MUST READ!) and I desperately want to go to Australia. I know by the end of this whole 101 thing I won't have nearly as much to afford to go, but at least I'll start putting money away so sometime in my life I'll be able to go to Oz.

#19. Let 5 different people read a different poem I've written (2/5)
I let my friend Nijean read one of my poems. Maybe I'll get the courage to post it on here. Not today though.

#23. Learn how to play my guitar.
I found a website that has some chords, and I've been trying to practice them. I haven't had that much time to practice, nor do I know any through memorization yet, but it's getting there. There's an acoustic music store near my house, so maybe I'll take lessons.

#25. Read the books I own but have never read or don't remember reading before buying anymore. (4/56)
I finished Peter Benchley's Jaws when I was on vacation. It was really good; I finished it in two days, but the book doesn't focus as much on the shark as it does on the effect the shark has on the people. There's so much more involved in the book, like the wife of the police chief cheats, and the mayor is involved with the mafia. Great read, really.

#73. Learn German and #74. Visit the countries/places where my ancestors are from. (Ireland, England, Germany again, Panama, Trinidad, The Dakotas.)
!!! Both of these tie in together, because at the beginning of January my mom and I are going abroad!! It'll be the same countries/cities I visited when I went in 2004: Munich, Germany; Vienna and Salzburg, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; and Prague, in the Czech Republic! I'm so excited, especially since my mom's going, I'm much older now, so I'll have a new appreciation for things, we're going to see new things and it's EUROPE! How I love thee. So I'll probably pick up a "Learn German" book before we go so I know some key phrases. I know the majority of people speak English, but I remember when we stopped at a rest stop in Slovakia the guy couldn't speak English, and none of us could speak Slovak, only a few German phrases. That helped, so it'll be good to know a few. And besides, people are shocked when "stupid Americans" can speak another language. I'm so excited!

#90. Try 10 new restaurants. Finished August 18.
When I was up at Lake George, we decided to order pizza from the Firehouse. My grandma and I wanted to go there last summer, but it was closed, so yay, it counts! Even though it was thin crust, the pizza was so good. I'm totally craving some right now.

#96. Plan a "mom and me" trip.
This is going to be our "Great Cities" tour. :]

#100. Complete Keri Smith's 100 Ideas.
I finished five more of these, but I only found four. *shrugs* Here goes:

#93. Write your own definition of one of the following concepts: sitting, waiting, sleeping, eating: sleeping - verb. (1) to give the body and mind rest (2) to escape pain both physical and mental (3) a place to hide (4) a means to quicken recovery from certain illnesses (5) what people do when its dark (6) to refresh both body and mind (10) what I do when in the car on long drives (11) something to do when you're bored (12) magical with the one you love (13) where I can dream (15) where everything that can seem stupid during waking life is erased (16) the only place you can unlock your subconscious to reveal your true feelings, fears, and desires you hide when you're awake and your conscious mind can't feel or doesn't want to admit (17) what insomniacs wish for (18) what narcoleptics hate (19) what most Americans wish they could spend more time doing

(Some were too personal to post.)

#52. Record all of the sounds you hear in the course of one hour.
This one was interesting. It's weird, I heard so many things in this hour!
8.50 PM - 9.50 PM on 14.8.09
  • parents conversation
  • page turning
  • cicadas
  • Marina and the Diamonds
  • door creaking
  • vent fan
  • toilet
  • shower
  • paper bag rustle
  • M&M bag crunching
  • nose blowing
  • 9PM medication alarm
  • click of my mom's curlers
  • The Beatles
  • my voice
  • pills in pill case
  • pen on paper
  • ceiling fan
  • old beds creak when we move (I was at my grandma's house.)
  • cars in distance
  • exhaust fan
  • my mom brushing her teeth
  • the sink go "glug glug"
  • Kings of Leon
  • knitting needles clicking
  • door open
  • squeak of crochet hook against nylon cord
  • footsteps
  • rings on glass
  • The Ting Tings
  • iPod button click
  • Hercules and Love Affair (ha, my iPod was on shuffle)
  • cabinets
  • clang of pencil and crochet hook
  • lead in mechanical pencil
  • suck teeth (you know that noise when you suck your teeth?)
  • crinkle of plastic wrapping to protect library books
  • burp!
  • measuring tape zing!
It's weird how much you can hear in one hour. And I'm sure I missed a few, too, but that's ok

#54. Cut out all media for one day. Write about the effects. - 17.8.2009
Though ALL media hasn't been cut out for the past few days (iPod is still on, I've been using my phone as a clock because I don't have service, and the TV's been on because of the PGA Tour.) there has been a dramatic increase in productivity. I'm burning through knitting my Reverie Beret, and have been writing multiple journal entries. Granted I have had a lot of emotions bottled up I needed to get down on paper, I haven't written like this in a whole. It's so relaxing, and at a different slower pace. Knitting and watching boats go by, or swimming, or just hanging out. The computer sucks away so much time, but as I write this I know I'm going to blog about it, so there goes that hour. And instead of knitting in front of the TV until I feel tired, I knit outside until it gets too dark, then knit and listen to music until my eyelids get heavy. On the downside, there's a lot more time to think, something I'm not too pleased with now.

And #3. But something inexpensive as a symbol for your need to create, (new pen, a tea cup, journal.) Use it everyday.
I got me a snazzy new purple pen I yoinked from my mom and have indeed been using it every day.

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