Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post 101!

I am alive! I have 4 300 level classes: 3 art history, and a 2 hour 6 credit Spanish class, which means the books have already been hit...hard. On the upside, by the end of this semester I'm going to be completely fluent in Spanish, and by the end of my schooling, (2011, PLEASE!) I should be a totally rockin' art historian. So, it has it's upsides.

What do ya'al think of the new color scheme? Too dark? Too emo? (Ha.) The little knitting bat is from Lauren Gregg's digital art. This is from a series called "Nerdimals," and this is the knitting nerd. How cute! Does anyone else see amigurumi's based on these illustrations? I do.

And just because this is my blog, and I can talk about ME ME ME, :b, my little Zombie Conejito was featured in my pal EssHaych's favorite thing post. Thanks! :]

Also, my square pattern has been well received on Crafster, with a few hints on confusing directions, and the first picture, courtesy user Lyndiiloo. I freaking love the colors she used! And I especially love how different it looks.

I wonder if I'll be this thrilled the next time I write a pattern, and update with all the new pictures. (I have one brewing for an iPod arm holder thing.) Gosh, what if I write a book?! I'd be bouncing off the walls, and like tracking every purchase. But enough digression, I'm exhausted, and this is what happens when I'm tired. Le sigh.

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