Saturday, September 5, 2009

Favorite Things Friday...a day late.

I've decided to start another feature on this here blog, Favorite Things Friday, where I share my favorites from Crafster, Blogger, Ravelry, Flickr, or anywhere else I find interesting ideas or crafts. I'm guessing ya'als are tired of hearing just about ME ME ME, so I'll share some of my favorite things with you. Today we feature an amigurmi moose, some more nerdimals, and some pictures from Photobucket. (Excuse the fact it's a day late, we've been having some internet difficulties.)

From Craftser, we have pickled_pepper's cutest amigurumi moose: Moose Wayne, and his Batman costume, all set for Halloween. What a cutie! I know I'd definitely prefer to have a Batmoose watching my house, rather than a yappy dog or the annoying ADT things.

Here he is looking over MOTHAM CITY: (Oh the puns, oh the puns)

I had to share some more of Lauren Gregg's nerdiamls. They're just too adorable not to pass up, especially since I consider my self quite a nerd. Here's two of my favorites: the 'Star Wars Nerd,' and the 'Nerd Nerd.' Great work!

And while browsing on Photobucket, I came across a whole page dedicated to glitter. (Girly, no?) This is the one that caught my eye, by findstuff22. (She also has some great shots on her site, especially the relaxing squirrel and the donuts. Mmm, donuts.)

While I was browsing I also came upon _-KennedY-_'s glitter glue rainbow. I love macro shots, and I especially love the addition of the little dollops of glitter glue. There's so much texture going on in this picture, too, especially in the chunky, lava-like green and blue section; I can almost feel the glitter here.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know some new artists! And I'll try to keep this going each week, and won't let it fall behind, like Squares on Sunday did. (More on that later.) There's so many awesome things out there. I love the Internets. ;]


elociNNicole said...

Okay, love the new layout. And those glitter shots? Fan-fricken-tastic! Thank you so much for sharing those. One of my more-expensive-than-I-usually-buy glitter vials just broke. I was so sad. All this pretty glitter wasted.

Glitter is not girly, unless its pink. (barf)

mochaxlight said...

Thank you. :] And thank Lauren Gregg for drawing up such a cute knitting bat.

*Google searches "pink glitter" to send you in the mail.* ;]