Thursday, September 10, 2009

FOs and WIPs

I haven't shared some of my recent craft things, so why not now, when it's that weird time of night when I've finished my readings and homework, but I'm too tired to knit.


This little guy is the Purl Rabbit from Purl Bee. I never intended him to be reversible or to stand him on his head. (Wouldn't he look weird with eyes on his legs?) I sewed some eyes on him when I sewed him (I think it was sometime in early 2008.) but they fell off and I've just been too lazy until a few weeks ago. I hot glued some eyes on him, and yeah, they look kinda spooky and big, but it's not as bad as him having one eye.

Finally the Travelling Scarf Swap on Craftster is over! I loved doing it, don't get me wrong, but since February I've been getting scarves in the mail, knit or crochet onto them, and send it out again, and I've had to organize everything, and it grew to be a beast. I doubt there'll be a round 2. It was fun to see how all the scarves evolved. Some weren't my cup of tea, and some I wanted to steal. Fortunately mine worked out. I'm so happy with it. Thanks guys!

Here's my finished Reverie Beret, that I blogged about HERE. Important note: while it was blocking, the blue of the yarn dyed my towel, so now there's these blue splotches on it. Next time, I'll use a scrap towel. I have yet to wear it, maybe tomorrow. I really like the effect the striped yarn had.

I also finished a little turtle for my grandma. She met Julio when I was at Lake George, and stupid me, I didn't take anything I made for her, only various FOs. So I whipped up a quick turtle from the extra yarn from my hat, and mailed her off.

Tiny Turtle by KristieNM
Yarn: Berroco Love it Colors in Monday, Monday
Hook: H (5 mm)
Modifications/notes: Nothing too important. Though because of the self-striping yarn, he has two brown legs and two orange ones.


Knitting an eye mask for my mom. I have one I knit in 2008, and I LOVE IT. It's great for when I get migraines and the only thing I can do is sleep when it's all sunny and bright out and the birds are singing, and people are caroling...

And I've started (but it's in hibernation) a scarf made of granny squares. I'm using Lion Brand Microspun in turquoise, purple, and coral, and it's coming along nicely. The yarn is really splitty, though, but smooth, and I like the colors. I have an idea for a hat using granny squares, too, and the same colors.

And I've joined a crochet a long from CRAFT magazine, by the great Tamie Snow aka RoxyCraft to make this cute panda:

I usually go with acrylic for amigurumi, but I'm excited to try the "brushed wool" technique. Flickr pool HERE

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Esshaych said...

Great work!! The Purl rabbit is my fav, so cute!!
I love the new blog look too! The knitting bat is fab!! :D