Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evolution 101

evo·lu·tion \ˌe-və-ˈlü-shən, ˌē-və-\ :: a process of change in a certain direction: UNFOLDING

Ok? Let's begin!

1. Vertebrae

Hm, ok, small needles and thin yarn. So what's going on here?

2. Bony skeleton

*scratches head* Still not sure!

3. Four limbs.

Oh man, is that a...?
[There's a granny square blanket my great-grandmother made in the bottom left hand corner. See the little granny rounds?]

4. Amniotic egg

OMFG, is that a wearable?
And is that David Attenborough's Blue Planet in the background?

5. Hair

Oh, I know what it is now! *raises hand* Pick me, pick me PICK ME!

6. Pre-orbital fenestra

Plus Kings of Leon in the background, just for good luck.


Ok, so maybe I can't wear it...on my body, but it'll keep my thumbs warm, right? Plus, now I know all the mechanics of knitting a top down raglan, and it is so not scary. People lie. I'm ready to jump right in, but Christmas gifts come first.

Oh, and the best thing is it only took me 2 hours! (Or two episodes of Blue Planet, however you count time.)


Yarn: Unknown light DK yarn, in an olive-y mustard-y color.
Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm)
Modifications: Somehow, I knit the sleeves outside in instead of inside out...or...uh, somehow I knit them opposite, so instead of stockinette sleeves, I got reverse stockinette stitch sleeves. I just continued for a few rows, then bound off. Now it's short sleeved with fancy cuffs. No one will know the difference. 
Notes: A TWO-HOUR sweater? How can you resist! I plan on making a few and shipping them off round Christmas time. Ha, now no one can ever say I didn't make them a sweater.


elociNNicole said...

LOVE it! Did you just make it up as you went or did you follow a pattern? I want to make these! You inspire me.

Esshaych said...

So Cute! :D

mochaxlight said...

Thanks! :D

Nicole, you can click on the Ravelry linkie-poo, of if you don't have Ravelry, it's here:

(Or you can click on the "Tee-Tiny Raglan" link.)

wildtomato said...

That is fab! I think you should dig right in and make yourself a top down raglan. It really is just as easy as the tiny one, but it will definitely take you longer than 2 hours. ;)

mochaxlight said...

I want to! I have yarn and everything ready, though I have to finish Christmas gifts.

Everyone may be getting mini sweaters for Christmas. ;]

Unfortunately, Barbie had to try it on and I didn't know how to join the underarms so there's holes now. :\ Barbie needs a pink one, methinks, and I need to learn how to join underarms.