Friday, October 30, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Halloween Version! :E

Happy [early] Halloween! At a lost on what to wear? That cute guy that works at the computer lab asked you to that party and you need a killer costume?! Well, why not get out your hook, and crochet up a hamburger dress?

Not your style? Think you'll freeze? Why not try some of furbabiesboutique's thigh high monster boots?

I know, they couldn't have gotten any cuter if they tried.

Or maybe you don't want to go all full blown Halloween, and want something subtle. Maybe some My Vampire Boyfriend socks?

Yes, I chose these partly because of their name. 
HA, I just noticed she has a stake! HA! HA!

Who doesn't want a vampire boyfriend? Especially if it's Mick St. John and/or Josef Kosten.

Yummy yum. ♥

Hope you kids find something smashing to wear tomorrow! Don't eat too much candy!


And now to switch gears, Shinykatie made an amazingly awesome crochet blanket:

Bonus points for kitteh inclusion.

Don't you just love this?! Four different blankets in one! I feel the urge to make one. This is so unique, and I love how there's so many differences; it's not just one big boring all blue or all pink thing, know what I mean?

And my absolute favorite thing from this week: my package from crazymomquilts!

I was all over her ROY G. BIV squares a few posts ago (I think it was a FTF, actually) but was lamenting my deficit of scraps. She offered to send me some scraps for my own collection, and scraps she sent! I've been stressed over midterms and this package totally made my week. NO, my month. I've had so much fun sitting there looking at colors, and organizing them. So far, they've been put into two groups:

Ok, so three. WHATEVS.

1. Scraps that I'll be able to get a few 9 Patch Squares out of. (Which I need to work on...)
2. Scraps that are too teensy and are going straight into their respective ROY G. BIV baggies.
3. Ones I haven't gotten to yet!

These are big enough for 9 Patches. Look at those big dots! And little dots! Big and little flowers! Baby paisleys! The possibilities are endless!

Straight to the baggies. I need to start a new one for browns. My scrap/ROY G. BIV inspired
quilt is going to be KICKIN'.

Alphabets! (Two types!) More dots! Stripes! Reds and blues! Flowers! AIIIEEEEEE! *jumps up and down with joy*

But let me introduce you to a few of my absolute faves:

These are GORGEOUS! I'd rather frame them. I wish I knew where all they came from. Actually, no, because then I'd spend all my money on fabrics.
I really love the peach paisley flower one on the bottom left.


I'm all over those stripes. And the cherry blossom esque ones? And the almost light toile? LOVE.

THANK YOU SO MUCH CRAZYMOMQUILTS!! ♥ You totally made my week. I can't wait to play with them more. And of course, if you have any extra scraps you don't need you can send him to VA. :D

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amandajean said...

I'm so glad that you like them. :) it's so much fun to play with scraps, isn't it? Enjoy!!!