Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!

I was a kitteh again. Those damned bastards took half my candy. We also gave out baby cans of Play-Doh. Kids loved that. No egging our house, no sireee.

Arwen was a ballerina! When she eats her cat grass, she stands on her hind legs which are freakishly small compared to the rest of her body. My mom says she looks like a ballerina. Thus the Ballerina Basement Cat was bornded!

Arwen's birthday beret fit Susie Lu better. Oh la la!

But her main costume was a lion. Roar!

Basement cats are aligned with the Devil, right? It was only fitting. Too bad you can hear her meow while I was taking this picture. She was so pissed.

I took my neighbor's kids/daycare kids trick-or-treating. There were some mini pumpkins!

And some normal ones that weren't lit properly. There was one that had a green candle, but I didn't get a picture.

There was a wardrobe malfunction (men don't have safety pins, apparently) with the mummy costume (aka cut sheets) so one went as a devil (aka just horns) and the other was Thing 2 with a Scream mask.

I came home, and ended up getting a migraine because I hate too much chocolate, and rediscovering my violin which I played for like 4 hours. I still got it. ;]

myklia and I (yay moralsupport) are doing NaNoWriMo! 50,000 words/175 pages of a full novel by the 30th. That averages 1,667 words a day. I've already done 2,997. Go me! It's all over the place, but December is for editing. (Repeat, December is for editing. The inner OCD editor in me just wants to go by a pack of new red pens and edit the hell out of the 5 pages I already have, but we must wait.) I'll probably post some excerpts here, or check my progress HERE at my NaNo profile.

And did you really think there could be a post without a I Can Has Cheezburger? youtube video?


elociNNicole said...

Cute kitties, awesome about the Violin (it's one of the things I want to learn before I die), and the cat video made me go to youtube and I spent about 15 minutes looking at other cat videos.

mochaxlight said...

Ahaha, I think I need to dress up my kittehs for every occasion. Today they should have calaveras. Tomorrow saints! Then turkeys. They already have little Christmas ruffs.

I've been playin since I was a little tyke in 4th grade. :] I'll teach you!

<3 cat videos. Seriously, what would life be like without youtube?