Monday, November 2, 2009

Photography Mondays.


Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn from myklia! ♥! Thank you so much! In the Boo! (top) and Superhero (aka booooring ass crayon ombre; bottom) colorways. It's so nice, and much softer than RHSS. Do my kittehs need superhero capes? I think yes.
And there was also a roll of pink duck tape in there, too. Mini purse? I think yes.


elociNNicole said...

duct tape? brilliant! (ignoring the fact that its pink...)

Esshaych said...

Cool pictures! ;D

mochaxlight said...

Ah, Nicole, I know you're a closeted pink lover. :b They have tye dye duck tape, too!

Thanks, Esshaych! It was written on the wall of one of the bathrooms on campus. So cute!

elociNNicole said...

Tye dye duct tape? Oh how you tempt me so.

mochaxlight said...

Head to Michael's. Or I will for you. :b ;]