Sunday, November 15, 2009

#44, #96, #97/#66, #91

44. Splurge on expensive yarn.
I was reading my blogs one night and came upon THIS post on Rhinebeck from the lovely ladies of Mason Dixon Knitting. But, what, wait is that exquisite hat?!

Yeah, that one! I didn't know, and no one replied to my plea in the comments section. Long story short, while reading another blog, Knitting in Color, I followed a few links and discovered what said beautiful hat is! It's the Selbu Modern.

Since I have no fingering weight yarn in my stash, I'll have to buy some. (along with itty needles) Since the recommended yarn, Canopy Fingering, is $13 a skein, I figure $26 for a hat is a splurge. I'll probably buy it after Christmas.

96. Plan a “mom and me" trip.
Which brings me here. All the excitement everywhere made me really bummed I missed out on Rhinebeck, which is the third weekend in October up in Rhinebeck, New York. Since I was studying for midterms (and didn't know until the day of) I wasn't able to go, but my mom and I are planning on going in 2010. A whole festival dedicated to sheep, and wool, and knitting!? I think yes!

97. Plan a “daddy and me" trip. and 66. Visit California again.

Which also brings me here! My dad and I are going to Los Angeles January 10 - 14th! I know we're going to check out a few art museums (we're huge art nerds, and I especially want to see the Chimera of Arezzo), see the Pacific!, maybe hang out with some stars. Ya know, touristy stuff. I'm excited!

91. Make a pie with my mom.
Thanksgiving might produce a pie. Not sure yet, it's still in the planning stages. But oh yum, pie.

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