Saturday, November 28, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: The Thanksgiving Version

This Thanksgiving I’m not quite sure how exactly, but I cooked everything. Everything. And it was awesome, and amazing and delicious! So glad everything came out ok!

Our menu:
Appetizers/lunch: Crab Meltaways
Dinner: Cornish Hens, stuffing/dressing, macaroni and cheese, spinach balls, cranberry sauce, candied “yams”
Ok, well not everything. Momma mochaxlight did the “yams” and the cranberry sauce came in a can.

Unfortunately I had a migraine and slept all day, which meant Momma mochaxlight and I didn’t get a chance to make our apple pie, and I was sickish at night so I only ate some macaroni and cheese. Still yummy though.

Onto pictures!


Wednesday I did the macaroni and cheese, spinach balls and mix for the crab meltaways.

I love macaroni and cheese at the stage. It tastes soo good! Best comfort food ever.

I put some for me in my little casserole dish I got last Christmas.

Susie was my sous chef. She’s the best sous chef ever, though she prefers to be the official taste tester.

Spinach balls in their foetal stage. Even though I’m not a fan of spinach, after you mix it with stuff and eggs (basically like meatballs, only it’s spinach instead of meat) and bake them they’re amazing.


Crab meltaways! Thomas’ has been making smaller English muffins so we had some excess mix.


Since there’re only three of us we don’t need a huge ass turkey. So Cornish hens it is! (You know, from Cornwall, right?) And besides, they’re so cute! Here in their naked glory.

The the Spice Mafia came...

and yummied them up.

Finished food ready for noms!


Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

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myklia said...

I'm coming over to your house next year for Thanksgiving. You owe me the recipe for the crab meltaways and I wouldn't mind your take on mac and cheese as well, but the crab meltaways are a must!!!!