Sunday, November 29, 2009

Squares on Sunday!

Woa what? Did she just... is that... OMFG, really?
Yes really, yes. I have squares for Sunday! Only three. These were already cut and Tuesday I just sat around sewing so these were just waiting to be finished.

Nota bene: They haven't been ironed or clipped down, so excuse their "roughness."

 St. Jude's clouds and yellow.

This is some weird upholstery fabric I got at Hancock's "$10 for this trash bag of remnants" and pink check. It's off center, so it might not be put in the big thing.

Clouds and blue.

No idea what my total count is, but I'll get to it.


Isn't this yarn just divine?!


Line up something in ROY G BIV fashion, and I'm hooked. It's from the Purl Bee's Holiday Gifts for Knitters post.
Description from the site: 1 to 8 skeins of Lobster Pot's Worsted Hand Dyed Cashmere, 100% cashmere. These colors, from the top, are Salt Rose, Boiled Lobster, Lobster Bisque, Drawn Butter, Sea Lettuce, Hydrangea, Cape Sky, and Shoreline Heather.

I wish! I need to get rid of this acrylic. Mm, yummy cashmere. And I wish I had money to afford $46 a skein. Maybe we'll stick with unraveling thrift store sweaters, or even Lion Brand's LB Collection $14 cashmere.

Speaking of yarn and prices,

Lion Brand's LB Collection (aka fancy schmany non acrylic fibers) now has Baby Alpaca for $5! WIN. I hope it's good, and not splitty and blah. I might need to stock up.

P.S. NaNoWho?

P.P.S. Poor craft blog. I am crafting! Furiously working on Christmas gifts. 


myklia said...

You sew? Did I know that? Idk.

Ooooh, yummy yarn. What an awesome lobster boil (or whatever). Is the LB Baby Alpaca a 100% alpaca? $5 is hard to believe,usually LB Homespun is $5 (unless you find it on sale).

mochaxlight said...

Yes ma'am, 100% baby alpaca! Take that $45 yarn!

Yes, I sew. I was just watching Jeopardy, and the woman was like "knitting is a gateway drug!" Alex Trebek was like "buh what?" She said it started off with just yarn and some needles, and turned into crocheting, then a sewing machine and the ugliest skirt ever made and now pinatas. (Yes, pinatas. She kinda crossed the line there...) My mom was like "damn, she's like you." :b Currently I have two machines, my lovely Edna, a Brother from Wal*Mart (woo!) and Juno, a Janome that I haven't had the time to play with, and I was planning on doing it over break but I lost the book and am NOT paying $40 for a replacement. Maybe all sergers are basically the same? I have a few books. *crosses fingers*

mochaxlight said...

*Edna's her name, and Juno is her name and brand. Yes, I name inanimate objects. :b

myklia said...

haha, I did the math $360 to get all 8 skeins of that luscious yarn that makes me hungry (even though I just ate). Well it makes me hungry for good food like lobster. I think I need to live in Maine just for that reason. Of course I am hungry for the yarn as well. I think I would be tempted to use them all in a blanket. Be one hell of a time consuming expensive blanket though.

mochaxlight said...

Holy expensive yarn Batman! That's insane. And when I say "insane" I mean "I wish I had the money to afford the yarn to make a $360 afghan. Gosh, I bet that yarn feels DIVINE, like nothing ever felt before. Spun of goats (or whatever the fuck it comes from. Oops...I should know.) that are hand fed wine and live in a better house than I do. :b

mochaxlight said...

Yeah, cashmere goat. (Thanks Wikipedia.)

Esshaych said...

Wow, that's seriously expensive yarn! Nice though!

And I love the squares! :D