Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The [Delayed] Christmas Post.

Pictures from Christmas! Finally. I know, right. It's just that I've been uber giddy and spending all my time playing with one of my gifts (more details below) and reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. Page 277 out of 1,074, go me!

Anyway, I've realized all these pictures are of the Girls. Not sure why, that's just what I took pictures of. And we spent half the day sleeping. :b Promise I won't spam ya'al.

Arwen in her Christmas ruff!

Susie, too.
Damn, they hate those things. They go jingling around the house all loud. But they're so flippin' cute!

Later we hung out in front of the fire, talking and my dad absorbed in his Baseball in America book. (Something that wasn't on his list, and he loved it? SHOCKING, I KNOW! My dad's like THE hardest person to gift for.)

Heehee, last one of the Girls, I promise.

*drum roll*

Yes, that's right! My very own Canon Rebel EOS XSi! I unfortunately didn't get a memory stick (*headdesk* my fault) so the next day when I bought it, I made up for it by exploring the woods behind my house and of course, shooting the Girls. Details later.
I'm so thrilled! I love it, I LOVE IT! I think I've taken at least 300 so far, and it's been going with me everywhere. Charlie, I love you! It's so amazing, ah, I could gush for ages, but I'd bore you. I'll just show you the pictorial proof. [Later]

As far as crafty gifts, I received two fat quarter square bundles, some supplies, and two balls of PolarKnit polartec yarn in purple to make THIS beret, currently waiting to be made into little polartec cakes. Perfect for in-flight knitting to Los Angeles. (Where it's like 70 degrees, ah!)

I didn't want to go the usual route with dinner, so I made the best recipe I've ever found. (I've dubbed it my "In Laws Recipe." When I meet the in laws of Future Hubs, this'll be the first think I cook for them. Melt their hearts right away.) It's spinach and feta stuffed pork chops. Yummy yum.

And that was our [quiet] Christmas. Oh, we also had egg nog french toast (BEST IDEA EVER) and red velvet cupcakes with green frosting. Oh wait, I have a picture!

Thanks Charlie.
See what clear, crisp beautiful pictures he produces!

We would still have them, except I forgot I used sour cream in them, and left them out, and by Day 3 they were Dry and Rocky. Oops.

More Christmas/holiday pictures to come soon, and the Necessary Year in Review along with Resolutions.

P.S. [Some] beer bottles are gorgeous:

ETA: Remember the hat I made for my dad? Waaaay too small. :( Not sure if we'll frog it, give it someone, or keep it for myself.

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