Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter break list to do list.

Know how I always make a list of what to accomplish before school starts up again/over winter break? (Yeah, I can't find those posts, either.) For the past two years it's looked like this:

  1. Go to a new LYS.
    I never did this. Ever.
  2. Clean up computer room as much as possible.
    Pahaha. Actually it doesn't look that bad. And there are certain reasons why it should be clean. *insert winkie face*
  3. Start and finish a project using stash yarn.
    I did this! Not sure what project it was though... Damn my stash has grown since then
  4. Cook dinner once a week.
  5. Always have desserts ready.
    OK, too easy.
  6. See at least 2 friends returning from college.
    Not that bad since we no longer get anxiety attacks. Migraines? UGH. Of course, all that said I still haven't seen anyone, though there's been a BLIZZARD and I had a migraine this weekend.
  7. Estudiar espanol.
    I never did this, either. Now I don't have to worry: I got a C+ in my Spanish class, so I don't think minoring in it will be a good option. Oh well. If I get lost in Mexico I know enough so as to not get my kidneys cut out of me and sold on the black market.

Oh, but for 2009/2010 we have to be big and bad and have 19 items. Cocky? Over confident? Sure. I doubt I'll get them all done, but it's nice to think I can, no?

  1. Go to a new LYS. (IN LA!)
    This one will definitely be complete. I can't go to a new city without checking out the LYS'.
  2. Organize, or at least begin to organize, the photos off my computer and in the closet.
    I bought two pretty photo boxes from Michael's. This is also on my 101 in 1,001 list, and was pushed into motion by my computer getting a really bad virus and almost crashing.
  3. Start and finish AT LEAST two projects using stash yarn.
    These are ones I've had floating around in my mind for the past few weeks that I've really wanted to start on but have had Christmas gifts to worry about.
    1. Fingerless mitts from from Snuggly Wuggly yarn. On my birthday I felt entitled and OMG there's a spider walking towards my yarn basket bought some. Since my hands are always cold, and I want to knit mittens/gloves/glittens anyway, why not start easy with some stockinette arm warmer/fingerless mitts.
    2. Shawl from those three skeins from the thrift store. This was supposed to be a blanket for the Girls, but I get cold. We're going to go a la BrooklynTweed, with the garter stitch and a nifty border like on THIS blanket.
    3. Cowl from Brown Sheep Burly Spun.
    4. Bumblebee doll. This is a secret. :X
    5. Cup cozie from KnitPicks.
    6. Grumpasaurus
    7. Test patterns for EssHaych. Nyah nyah, I get to test cute patterns! Currently Nicky, my version of Nora the Hamster, and Kimi, the new-and-improved version of the Kokeshi Doll.
  4. Cook dinner at least once a week.
  5. Always have desserts ready.
  6. Make some foodins to freeze. Hopefully my mom and I will make some casseroles and such so we can save money by not ordering out so much. The pizza delivery guy who came today said "what, no soda?" Yeah, I think we order too much.
  7. See at least 2 friends returning from college.
  8. Read 3? books or the new Stephen King book. Under the Dome is 1,072 pages! I was planning on reading a big book, like Les Mis but then got UtD for my birthday.
  9. Back up computer on mozy.com. Seriously. I stopped NaNoWriMo on the 15th day, and had a file for each day. Now I only have 4 left. I have no idea where they went. Stupid viruses.
  10. Make a TRUE list of projects I have yarn for, including WIPs. I have so much "yarn slated for projects" that I bought and then never did and has been sitting under my bed since 2005. Bad bad bad.
  11. Find out what percentage of my yarn is acrylic. Blech. I can has wool and kashmeer soon plz? I have so much random/mystery acrylic with no ball bands. I need to put it all together and see what I can do it with it. Giant granny square blanket?
  12. Ball yarn into cakes from skeins. To save space and so the moths don't eat it.
  13. FIND my serger guide, or check out the books I have on it.
  14. Give blood
  15. Read my Pilates book, the yoga book, or sign up for a yoga class. I need to chill out. And being stretchy will be nice. :b
  16. Get the MRIs I was supposed to get over the summer. Oops.
  17. Get my bone density exam. When I get cluster migraines, a cocktail of prednisone (a steroid) and Esgic are the only things that work. I can't take prednisone all the time because my doctor doesn't want be to look like a bodybuilder... well, actually because it makes me go crazy and say random things, and apparently steroids leech calcium from your bones. :( So far I can only take three "courses" in a six month period, so from now until June I only have two left. That's scary.
  18. Tattoo #4. Stupid blizzard, I would have gone Saturday.
  19. Spinning 101 at the Fibre Space? I really want to take this class! It's on the weekend, too. And $85 doesn't seem too pricey. I might just have to!
Ha. I probably won't get any of these done. :\

Remember when I made that crazy penguin? (I can't find that post either...) It was from THIS pattern, and for a swap, but looked too crazy so I gave it to one of the daycare kids. His brother has been bugging me for an ami lion ever since (that was like... 2007) and I just now got to it. :b Oopse. Better late than never right?

This is also project #58. 50 projects a year eat my dust!

Modified version of Tommy the Tiger by Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: Peaches 'N Creme in Camel, LB Fun Fur Solid in Chocolate
Hook: H - 8 (5 mm)
Notes: They have some weird head shaping going on that when I was crocheting was like "wtf?" but it turns out cute. His legs aren't sewn on that great; in the back hes got this spread eagle thing going on and in the front he can be propped up on him. I hate sewing small ami parts. And his ears make him look like a mouse. :b
Mods: For two rounds on the head I added a strand of Fun Fur to give him a mane. Clever, no? It's really cute.
Oh, and he attends my old elementary school, Anthony T. Lane, and our mascot is a Lane lion. Rawr!

And some snow pictures:

This is my neighborhood. It's going to be a one lane road till like May. 

That's a car... Haha.

In Northern Virginia "ponds" are known as "lakes." And they have a large population of Canadian Geese that hang out in the middle of the road and don't care if you honk. Damn geese.



myklia said...

Are you learning how to spin on a wheel or drop spindle? $85 seems a bit much for learning the drop spindle (unless of course it includes the drop spindle and roving). Unfortunately you don't have me near by to teach you drop spindle for free.

I should read Les Mis, it is my favorite musical. I saw a movie version that did not have Eponine. I wonder if she is in the book.

I feel really bad for you and Nicole with the migraines. I can't imagine. The worst I get are sinuses and the occasional caffeine withdrawal headache for when I think I am going to give up soda. haha.

mochaxlight said...

Hm, I haven't asked. I definitely should. I have a tute from Knitting Daily on making your own drop spindle from an old CD and a dowel. As far as what it entails, this is what the site says: Louet Spin kit, Grafton Fibers Learn to Spin kit or top whorl spindle and merino or BFL fibre. Supplies are all available from the fibre space shop before class. So I guess that's more?

Aw, Les Mis! Love it. Hm, off the top of my head I can't remember who Eponine is... *googles* ok, blah blah, I don't remember that much about the plot, but according to Wikipeida, she's in there. OH WAIT, YEAH I REMEMBER HER, because she was the evil stepsister and was in love with Marius, but brought Marius and Cosette together. (Thanks Wiki.)

Ug, I wish mine were as easy as just no caffeine. Sinus infections are the WORST. Last time I had one I went to the hospital. :( I just wake up with them. Nicole gets ocular migraines, right? Not sure what those entail. I think I just get the normal run-of-the-mill-watch-your-triggers-and-they're-in-you're-genes-so-it-doesn't-matter-anyway. :(

myklia said...

Definitely drop spindle. If the price of the kit is included with the price of the class, don't mess with making a CD drop spindle. I have never used a CD drop spindle, but I can't see liking it, but could probably still work ok. Dang!!! If I was there you could get a drop spindle kit off Etsy and I could teach you for free. Road trip!! ;-)

What?? I love Eponine, mind you I really only know the musical version. She was the daughter of the evil innkeepers and she might have been a brat as a kid, but grown up she seemed decent. Yes, she loved Marius, but when she realized Marius wanted someone else she more or less let it go (yes, she still dreamed about him, but she didn't pursue him). Yes, I am an eponine fan. I have always loved the song "On My Own".

I saw your and Nicole's conversation on Facebook. Sounds like a bitch. I feel bad for you both. I can't imagine possible emergency room visits. My sinuses aren't that bad. They get intense but as soon as I take over the counter medicine I am usually good within an hour or two, but it won't go away until I take something. I have never had to go to the doctor or hospital or anything for it.

Jill said...

Yeah, CD drop spindle sounded kinda ghetto. :b You think I should go for it? Oh Wise Spinner, give me your advice. *bows*

I've only seen Le Mis once, and that was a whole ago, so I'm a tad rusty unless it's "Master of the House." Pahaha, love that song. Is she their daughter, or someone elses? Now I need to go listen to that song.

I wish I could just take OTC meds like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Excedrin doesn't do shit, and Excedrin Migraine used to make them worse! I should try it again, though, my body's changed to medicines. Strong painkillers like Vicodin and Percocet, and even morphine and Diloted don't really work, they just knock me out, and then I wake up with more pain. I always thought mine were like the worst ever, but I can't imagine loosing sight or having stroke like symptoms! So scary! When I get the cluster ones, the ones that last for days or weeks, my sinuses get all affected, and my nose is constantly running. The great thing was in May when I had a combo of the two. So not fun. And there were 2489739548 people in the hospital because they all thought they had swine flu. Ugh.