Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Evolution of Blizzard 2009: Day 1!

It started last night, at about 8.30 PM. Just flurries, but people out here flip out and drive 20 MPH even though it's like rain. Not sure what it looked like before I went to sleep, but this is how much we've gotten already! Apparently it's going to go down to 20 tonight, and stop sometime soon. (it was supposed to stop at dinner time, like 6 ish) Tomorrow it'll be 35, and I do not look forward to shoveling myself out of the house. Onward!

11.45 AM

The deck.

I've been SO tempted to just toss her out and see what she does. This morning you'd only be able to see her tail. Now you wouldn't be able to see any of her.


H1PP0S and my mom's car. This was the second time the snow plow's been through.

Herbs again, and deck.

5.30 PM

The herbs! Note the snow is almost up to the railing.

Pahaha, I ain't goin nowhere.

8.30 PM

Oh noes, the herbs! Poor herbs. Looks like we won't be having fresh parsley or thyme this winter. Looks like Marie Antoinette's wig, no?


Our deer and outdoor lights are on a timer. That little alien spotlight is the deer. Haha.

Out the front door! Wouldn't that be awesome if it was ice cream? Cloudy With a Side of Meatballs, what!

The cars, again! The snow plow just went by, too. My mom's car looks like it has a 90s fade, and to the far right, on the right side of my mom's car is just an empty space. Yeah, it's that much snow.

Not looking forward to shoveling, but I've got enough yarn and Syfy movies to keep me warm.


Esshaych said...

Wow, that's ALOT of snow! And I thought it was bad over here! :b

mochaxlight said...

How much do ya'als have? It's like two feet! >.<

Esshaych said...

I think at one point it was about 4'' in Basildon, but other places have had a few feet. It's all turned to ice now :(