Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorite Things Friday.

Now I have all this free time for crafting and blogging, expect to be inundated with stuff.

I wish I could say I knit these, but alas. They are freaking awesome, though. Gorgeous color and not too thick or too thin. Picked these up last Friday (my birthday! 22!) when my mom and I went shopping. Shopping is dangerous on your birthday. You feel like you deserve everything. Or maybe that's just me...

Since I didn't have to study or anything, I got a ton done. I'm exhausted.

First I wrapped gifts so on Christmas Eve night I can chill with some wine and watch It's a Wonderful Life instead of being up until 3 AM furiously wrapping gifts.

My mom is getting a little stitch kit. She's getting a handy little bag, a hank of KnitPick's Imagination (in the Seven Dwarves colorway) and some needles to make a cowl. She needed stitch markers, and I found these cute leaf earrings my grandma had in her stash of gaudy kitschy jewelry. Gaudy old-people kitschy jewelry make the best stitch markers. I look forward to when she opens it. 50% merino wool, 25% superfine alpaca  and 25% nylon is a at least one step up from LB's Homespun.

Speaking of Homespun, I finally got around to taking pictures of a hat I finished for my uncle.

Yet another Garter Stitch Hat with Square Raglan Crown, by Zachary Loomis
Yarn: LB Homespun in uh, black.
Needles: US 8.
Ug, what a splitty yarn. But I love the plush warm fabric it produces, so we deal. It matches a scarf I made him two Christmases ago.

In honor of the snow we're getting I also made some cookies, chewy chocolate cookies with Reese's chips. SO GOOD. I got the recipe from the back of the Reese's chips bag. Seriously, they're amazing. I'm nomming them right now.

I also finally got around to washing my new cookie cutters:

*Squee!* When things are mini they get me every time.

I also got around to putting up my Nativity scene from Mexico. [Even if Jesus wasn't born on Christmas...]

Baby Jesus doesn't go out until Christmas Eve. Yeah, all you churches and people-with-giant-inflatable-Santa-Clauses-in-their-yard, YOU'RE EARLY. HE WASN'T BORN YET. GET IT RIGHT. *Ahem* End rant.

Wait, what's that weird animal on the right?

Yeah, him. WTF is that?
I think it's supposed to be a ewe, but it totally looks like a seal. Hey, maybe in Mexico they have seals present at the birth of Jesus.

But if they're Baikal seals, I'm all for it.

So round, so cute!

And a crochet ami helicopter from the Craftster blog.

*giggles* How cute!

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Esshaych said...

I thought that figure was a seal too lol! Them socks look so comfy! And you're right - shopping on your birthday is a bad idea! :D