Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Review II :: Nutshells

Thanks to Big Huge Lab's mosaic maker I bring you two photo mosaics: one of personal pictures, and the other of my favorite FOs. Onward!

Alright, peeps, we'll be going from left to right so pay attention.

1. We had snow in February! Not much, but enough to toss Susie out in it. Baby's first snow!
2. There was tons of studying these past two semesters, which I did exceptionally well on.
3. Oddly I only went to the zoo once, which is crazy and needs to be remedied immediately.
4. There was love, too, in lost, new loves gained, and other lives reignited. Oh, 2009. Men. Oy vey.

1. Nation's Capital.
2. Virginia Beach in May.
3. Of course there's a picture of Arwen.
4. Shenandoah National Park in June.

1. Lake George, NY in August.
2. Susie dressed up as a lion for Halloween!
3. Merry Christmas. Doesn't Charlie take killer pictures?!
4. The Blizzard of '09!

Wee, the craft nutshell! These are so not in order, but bear with me.

1. Over the summer I started the 9 Patch QAL hosted by crazymomquilts. I've done 18 out of 70. It's hibernating.
2. My first pattern! The Vera's Spike Stitch Daisy, which was a also featured in the 2008 BAM CAL.
3. My very first sweater. Even if it is too tiny to wear.
4. Reverie! beret! I love this hat. I definitely need to take better pictures...

1 and 2. I finished both mine and my mom's 2008 BAM CAL afghans.
3. Le Slouch! One of my favorite hats; white goes with anything.
4. I started testing patterns for EssHaych. This is the jellyfish. (I have two in progress right now, that I plan on working on tonight along with the B movies on SyFy and a lot of migraine meds.)

1. I jumped on the granny daughter bandwagon. In my stash I have 355, and I need 720 for a full sized afghan. I need to start joining those...
2. I organized and participated in the Traveling Scarf Swap, and this is my finished scarf. (which shh, needs fringe though the ends are woven in.) It was fun, but a beast to organize and there was always a scarf in the mail I had to do. I don't like being forced to craft, it takes the fun out of it.
3. I conquered DPNs!
4. And I also unraveled a big ass sweater, that is still being wound. I tried to ball some today but with this migraine (better than yesterday!) I just wasn't in the mood for tangled yarn.

Looking forward to 2010. (For multiple reasons.)


Esshaych said...

Love all the little pics! :D You had a busy year!

BTW, hope your head feels better soon :(

Jillz said...

I know, right! It wasn't that great, though. 2010 looks to be spectacularly better. :]

Thanks, it is. Kinda. UGHSTRESS.

myklia said...

Your blog is inspiring, I love it so much. I need to get mine updated one of these years. I will really try this weekend. Man, I want to be 22 again and be an art history major. haha, whatever. Poetry, here I come.

Jillz said...

Aww, thanks love. Heehee, it is fun to be young. :] I need to update, too.