Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yarn Organization 101

Seeing how winter break is almost over and I hadn't organized any of my yarn, I figured today is good. Oddly it didn't take as long as I thought it would, only a few hours. My Ravelry stash is currently being updated with pictures and information (gotta love that Jeanette is a store, and the odd titled yarns like "Zebra" or "Boa" because they don't have a ballband) and will be all pretty and complete relatively soon. The pictures from Charlie are really large and take a while to upload and I'm really impatient. I won't bog you down with all the pictures of piles of yarn I took (yarn pr0nz!) but I'll show some that I have plans for, and a few WIPs.

My daddy's hat came out too small, so he'll get a new one. It'll be the same primary color, Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue, (the mini ball all the way at the bottom) along with the green, grayish-brown and red for contrasting stripes. I'm using the London Beanie pattern. For February, the Month of 7 Hats! (Oh noes, possibly more?)

I picked up a Pound of Love at Hancock Fabrics one day because for my 2009 BAM CAL Scrapghan I imagined joining it with lavender. Then that sorta fell through, and I'm stuck with a whole pound of yarn. Oh what to do? Join the 2010 BAM CALs, of course! And it just so happens my grandmother who taught me how to knit and crochet is turning 80 in December, so this will be perfect! I'm pairing it with some leftover Caron Simply Soft from my 2008 BAM CAL afghan and some multicolored baby yarn. I won't be following the Ravelry and Craftster ones exactly though, I'm going to follow THIS pattern concerning the number of blocks and placement. (I made this for my daddy.) So 24 6 inch blocks and 6 12 inch blocks. I can also use the 6 inch ones from the Ravelry BAM CAL and from 200 Blocks to Crochet by Jan Eaton. Exciting!

RHSS in Blue + Green + Yellow + Peruvian Print = an Inga's Habeltjrghcsnkjbful. It's going to be crazy in primary colors, but I'm looking forward to it. I think I have some animal print fabric in similar colors for lining. Ooo.

Bag o' yarn from the thrift store! Red, peach, white, green, pink and yellow mystery acrylic. I think I'll take Jan Eaton's 200 Knit Blocks and make a little lapghan. I like this color combination.

Oh Vanna's Choice Baby, how much I love you! These are for my cousin's baby, but the projects are going to be a secret since this is linked to my Facebook and I don't want her to read it. :X

And last, all the random small balls of acrylic. I'm planning on just making a big granny square blanket that'll be all plastic-y and cozy as an easy way to destash.

I've realized I really have a lot of yarn. Like, a lot a lot. I think the picture I took of everything is still on Charlie, but I'll get it soon. So now I have more of an idea of what I have so I shouldn't go out buying anything for like 2 years. I'm set.


What a cutie pie!


Esshaych said...

Wow, I thought I had alot of yarn! I love Inga's Haekelbeutel, and that kitten is so cute! I want one! :D

Jillz said...

HA, wait till I upload the monster picture. Two under-the-bed boxes, multiple under-the-bed bags, like space bags. And that's not even all!

myklia said...

haha, I unload so much yarn to you and all my bins are still full of yarn. I really need to take a current picture. I may still have more yarn than you have.

Jillz said...

Ooo, is this a challenge? After I finish uploading it all into Ravelry I can get an almost accurate idea of the yardage. Of course random things from you I have no idea how much, but that just makes it more exciting. ;]