Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 18 → whatever tickles your fancy :: Jillian Battles the Pink Elephants

 Seriously, I cannot for the life of me make an amigurumi elephant, whether it's knit or crochet.  It's pretty annoying.  I started out using Susan B. Anderson's Elefante pattern. It was going good, but then I started stuffing his head, and there were these odd pleats on the bottom:


Ok, it's not too bad.  But after I was stuffing, they didn't go away.  Susan B Anderson's didn't have odd little pleats:

Well, it does, but they aren't as severe.  I asked her what the problem is, and she agreed with my fears, that my tension's probably too tight.  Damn you bamboo needles.  So I could frog and redo, but I was running low on time.  (It was supposed to be a gift.)  I was also pissed because then I'd have a huge head and body, and the legs wouldn't work, because I did the legs first. GRAH.  So I frogged

...and realized yes, my tension was waaaaaaay too tight, and chose another pattern, this time Wesley the elephant, by Amy Gaines from Cute Little Animals.  Yay crochet!  It'll get done a lot quicker, woo!  So Valentine's Day I put Watchmen on my computer and got working.
And then I just don't know what went wrong:

I have no idea how it's an expletive-ing elephant.  The part where my hook is is supposed to be the beginning of the trunk.  WHAT IS THAT GRAH.

This is what he's supposed to look like:

photo courtesy Mimael 

Yeah, so I have no idea what to do with these stupid elephants.  I don't think an elephant will be made, stupid things.  Currently everything's just hibernating; I don't know what I want to do with the second elephant, because my safety eyes are in there. Grah, more frustration! I might take out the trunk part and make it into a monster thing, but for now I'm done with them. 

P.S. When I write a book, I want to have a neat Gorillaz-esque preview.  This is for Pirate Latitudes, which I talked about on Day 13.


Esshaych said...

Aawww, poor elephant! :D I'm weird with elephants too, I can never get the trunk right :(
That book looks great - I might have to see if Waterstones has a copy :D

Jillz said...

Stupid bloody thing. Pisses me off SO MUCH. Grr.


Esshaych said...

Waterstones = big book shop chain ;b