Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 21 (again) & Day 22

Day 21 → a recipe.

If you remember last post, I said I had scallops and shrimp and was thinking scampi right?  Right.  Here's what i started off with:

I just happened to find the tomatoes in the cupboard.  Yay!  

These were seriously the biggest motherfucking shrimp I've ever seen.  I got half a pound and there were like 8.  The scallops were big, too, I think we had about 8 of those as well.  Not bad when it's only 3 people.

Shrimp and scallops after a shower.

My dad found broccoli in the refrigerator, so it was thrown in there, too.


I guess I should explain what I did, since I'm supposed to have a recipe, right? Since this was from my head I don't have any measurements or anything, so if you happen to make this, just judge it best you can.

In my skillet, I heated oil, white wine and stirred garlic in there.  I put the shrimp and scallops in and sprinkled them with salt.  I let them cook, and turned them.  Then I added the tomatoes (diced, and they had juice) and brought the mixture up to a boil.  I probably added more garlic, too.  Meanwhile, I cooked angel hair pasta and cooked the broccoli with it.  (You throw the broccoli into the boiling water for the last minute, and it cooks it perfectly.)  Then I combined everything and let it sit for a few minutes, and the pasta and such absorbed some of the juice.  Then I served and we chowed down!

Oh man it was good. Wanna know how good? 

Good enough to spam your page with another shot, that's how damn good it was peoples.

Day 22 → a website

Hm.  Well, let's stick with the Gastronomic Orgasm theme, shall we?  Point your little mice over to TasteSpotting.
Wait, what? Trainspotting? Ewan McGregor?

Yummeh. But no, this is like a database/bookmark thing of the yummiest food and tastiest pictures on Teh Interwebs.  Just go look, I can't explain how freaking fabulous it is. 

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