Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 27 → this month, in great detail.

Hm, well, I don't think ya'als want to hear about my month.  I went to class, I was sick and missed class for a few weeks, Valentine's Day was ok and then got better, and then there's today.  So there. 

Anyway, apparently crocheted items are all the rage at Forever 21.  Look at this beauty I found.  It's weird and quirky, but I really like it.




Love the back!  I know, it's really weird, but I like it.  It's the Rainbow Doily Cardigan.  I kinda want to buy it but (a) is it too weird? and (b) couldn't I just make it.  Granted, it'd take me a loooong time and I'd have to buy yarn and such.  Hm.. On the site it doesn't look that great; it looks a lot better in person.
Then there was this halter thing


Yeah, it's kinda weird.  I like the motifs though.  In the store I'm talking to my mom "LOOK AT THESE MOTIFS AT THE BOTTOM." 
And then Arwen and a snow shovel, just for good luck


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Snowpocalypse  that happened during February.  Apparently the north is getting it now HA.


Esshaych said...

Blimey, them crocheted things are fab!! Wish they did stuff like that over here!

Arwen looking cute, as ever! :D

Jillz said...

Reason #329 why America is just AWESOME. :D

Esshaych said...

Hahaha! :D