Friday, February 26, 2010

Days 25 & 26

Guh, this is seriously getting annoying.  I only stick with it because (a) it's almost over (b) my OCD will drive me crazy if the post with all the days is incomplete and (c) I don't like not finishing stuff, like I didn't finish NaNoWriMo?  That still burns me up.  That and the fact half my files are gone...

Day 25 → your day, in great detail.
I can't remember what I did yesterday. I know it wasn't terrifically interesting. Let's see. I had to write my paper on Emily Dickinson's "I cautious, scanned my little life," while watching a Moonlight marathon. Good times.

Yummeh vampires. :E

I couldn't think of an introduction or conclusion, and my title totally sucks, but I think I got a better grip on it than I did Nathanial Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter." Then I debated whether going to class or not, and decided yeah, it'd be better to go. Sometimes English class can be really boring, but I like Dickinson, I shouldn't miss when I don't feel like it, and I needed to sign up for an individual conference and didn't want to be stuck with 9AM on Friday. I came home and took a nap... ate dinner, and instead of doing homework I know I was totally absorbed in and tumblr. Ha. I went to the post office, and mailed some stuff, though sorry Sarah, the APC doesn't do international. I probably read some Grapes of Wrath and went to sleep, yay. That was so worth it, wasn't it.

Day 26 → your week, in great detail.
Pff. Um, I don't think last week I was in class on Thursday. Wasn't I really sick? I think I was. I know over the weekend I went to the grocery store. I haven't been knitting or anything; today's the first day since like Valentine's Day I've done anything. Monday I realized my interpretation of "Rappaccini's Daughter" was completely flawed, so I wasn't too thrilled with that. Tuesday the parking was hell, so I was late to arms and armor and my quiz. In anthropology, ancient Mesomerica, we took a hell of a lot of notes, and then my professor got a headache and ended class early. High Renaissance, more notes about the Sistine Chapel.

Notice anything *ahem* interesting in the placement of Eve's head in relation to Adam's body?  Yeah.  This is the Temptation and Fall from the Sistine Chapel.

I realized my friend was in my astronomy class, and we chatted, then left after 30 minutes because that class is bullshit. I went to the testing center to take the exam, and the proctor said I was the fastest for astronomy. Go me, I hope I got a good grade. Wednesday's recapped above. Today after driving all the way out to school my head started pounding. I parked, took medicine, and realized there was no way I could make it, so I turned back around. What a waste. Slept, and such. Then I started working on my friend's [late, sorry!] birthday present, and cast on for another Reverie Beret while watching Sherlock Holmes, and Dangerous Liaisons, one of my new favorite films.


Sexxxxxx. Love his voice, too. Ah, who knew John Malcovich was so cute in 1988! And so evil, which made him even more sexy and adorable.

Looking forward to the weekend, woo!

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