Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ohhh, the pain.

I just jinxed myself. Last post I was talking about the weird migraine/headache. Before I went to sleep, I took another Butalbital and had a pretty bad night. I couldn't sleep, and I had dreams where I had a migraine. At about 9 AM it was all over my forehead instead of centralized in one location, so I figured it was maybe just a headache. I took two Tylenol which eased the pain a bit. I managed to run some errands, but got home just in time because I started feeling very nauseous, I think because the pain was just terrible. I took two more Tylenol and laid down. What a weird migraine! It was across my eyebrows, and between my eyes like I had been crying too much or I had a sinus infection. I'm awake now, and it's centralized on my right eyebrow, like a normal migraine, so hopefully Butalbital and heat treatment will get rid of it.

If I have to have them, can't I just get one that lasts one day? I remember before they got so powerful, it'd be a day thing, or I could take medicine and it'd be gone. Now I'm getting these cluster things, this intense pain that last for days, sometimes weeks. I only really have the Butalbital to take, and the best way to take it is with Prednisone, but I can only take 3 regimens of Prednisone every 6 months, because my doctor doesn't want me to look like a bodybuilder, and steroids leech calcium from your bones. I have to wait 'till it's absolutely necessary, so since I have a museum project, school, midterms, papers, and work right now does that make it absolutely necessary? I have Treximent and Migranal, but in order to take the Treximent I can't have taken any other triptans or ergotamine-containing medicines for 24 hours. 24 hours?! Good god. Actually, I haven't taken any since around 11 last night, so maybe I can last. The Migranal is a nasal spray, and it's never worked, it's only succeeded in getting stuck in getting stuck in my throat, which is obnoxious. Obnoxious plus pain a happy Jill do not make.

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