Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yarn Pr0n

OK SO FINALLY. My internet has been extremely slow, and it's finally fast enough/normal to post pictures of the goodies I received from the amazing EssHaych! Thank you sossososososos much!

First, this is what came to my door:


Susie had fun with the bag it all came in:

And now we get to the juice of the package, the yarny goodies!

I immediately put these three together. The lime on the top is Yarnfair DK, the teal on the left is Woolcraft New Fashion DK, and the purple is Robin DK. I know I have to make something with these three together. At first I was thinking little granny square afghan, but then after looking around the Flickr group Grannysquares I've decided to make a granny pillow cover. Woo! Maybe it can go along with the Granny Square-A-Day CAL when I finish Inga's bag.

These are seriously the best things in the package. SUPER MASSIVE Robin Aran with Wool and an Eggbert(a) key chain! Unfortunately she lost an arm [in the war] but I think she looks cuter without. She's currently hanging (literally) on my sewing table lamp. The gorgeous mauve yarn is going towards a Tums, which I've wanted to make for forever:

image courtesy Mochimochi Land.

Nothing like a mauve hippo!

Or a teensy tiny Eggbert! Awh. Poor lil one armed thing.

Woo, extras! Two packs of googly eyes, which was really funny, because I sent a pack of googly eyes too, the exact same ones! Great minds, right? Some granny daughters *pauses to update total* which gives me...472. Yay! And two critters from IKEA, a moose and a wolf. (I think.) I just happen to have a pink hippo, so they complete my IKEA-grown technicolor menagerie.

Woa, these are out of order. Mini Eggbert(a) for scale!

We now interrupt this post to show you what happens when Susie meets a Balloon.

Yep, half her body moves and the other stays still. .
Note: Balloon not included with yarny goodness.

Yummy. On the left Yarnfair Dotty Baby DK and Teddy Papoose Baby DK. Pink joy!

Yarncraft Fancy Yarn.

Saved the yummiest for last! Sirdar Click Chunky Wool, and 2 skeins of Wilkinson's Lustre Fancy Yarn. I see a wave on a hat or something, like HERE and a shiny shimmery scarf, respectively.

Let's have a closer look at that Sirdar, shall we?


Thank you so much, Sarah! If you ever want to swap again let me know, I'm so down for it!


Esshaych said...

Aawww I'm so glad you like everything!!Poor little Eggberta with her arm missing! :D I'll have to use stronger glue next time!!

Jills said...

:] <3

Hot glue gun!