Friday, April 16, 2010

Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: Monsters of the Deep

They also discuss the Zuiyo-maru carcass.

In crafty news, my Inga's bag is almost finished, I've been keeping up with the April granny square CAL, and my grandma's blanket, and today I made the easiest bruschetta ever. I'll try to post the recipe and pictures tomorrow.


Esshaych said...

Wow, creepy!! They are some massive squid!! :D I made up an amigurumi sea creature this week, I called it a Unioomph - it's a cross between a turtle, a jellyfish and a unicorn lmao!

Jills said...

I'm about to watch all these. I watched the one on Tunguska from a friend's blog, and they have lake monsters and ETs, too. I love cryptids, and giant squid, too.

OMG, I want to see this ASAP! I'm trying to imagine this in my head and it isn't working. :b