Friday, April 16, 2010

My new best friend is...

Excedrin Migraine! It used to make my migraines a lot worse, but now it's working beautifully. It's great, because I don't want to keep taking Treximent a ton of times, and if I take the Butalbital too often I get a rebound. This also means my migraines are less intense. Since withdrawing from school 2 or 3 weeks ago, I've had only 3 migraines. Last month I had 10! Obvious proof that school is the biggest trigger. Now the test is if they start up again once I start working, but I think that there will be less and different types of stress from work. I won't have to worry about studying for tests and getting papers in and all the extra work outside from class. For work the only thing I'd have to worry about is actually managing to get there and do a halfway decent job.

While looking for a picture of Excedrin I also found this snazzy chart:

Since it's spring, the sinus ones are going to be starting again. I have some Alavert for my allergies which are currently just a lot of sneezing and a runny nose, but I really don't want to get another sinus infection. It's the worse. That coupled with a migraine (or I guess it's a sinus migraine) is horrible, which put me in the ER last Memorial Day. I also have to set up my humidifier, so hopefully that will help some.
The cluster ones are the ones that last like 2 weeks and don't let up no matter what kind of medicine I take. I haven't had one since... the beginning of February, I think, so that's good. The bad one in March was a rebound, completely my fault.
I get tension ones, too, sometimes like from being on the computer too long or sleeping too long. Usually they turn into a migraine though, the last picture. I almost always get nausea, but not visual affects. Sometimes if it's a really bad one (usually a cluster) I get dizzy, but usually it's because I forgot to take my medicine, and I get vertigo. (Paxil has an incredibly short half life, and if you miss a dose within 12 hours you start to feel the effects. Other than that, it's great for anxiety.)

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