Monday, April 5, 2010

Picture post!

I have a lot of FOs to post that are all in Ravelry and Flickr but not here yet, but I really don't feel like posting them. Meh.  Just some photos of the past few weeks will have to suffice.

The brilliant Jeanette sent me some CDs (in pink paper, woo!) and this shopping bag from a place in Milwaukee called Pink Pastry Hippo! Best place in the universe! Look how cute he is. Awh. I need to find a way to scan him in so he can be my mascot. He's currently watching me sleep hanging on my wall over my bed.

I love the Dollar Store. Whoever invented this place was a bloody genius. ITEMS FOR A DOLLAR! And there's nothing like yarn! Yarn for a dollar! I got some Caron Rhapsody, which I think is new. 6 skeins in a green/turquoise color that the guy only charged me $1 for all six and two brown and one red for a hat for a friend. I also got some pens that look like rockets and seeds were 4 for $1! This year, along with everything else, we'll have [hopefully. Fingers crossed.] carrots and spinach with the veggies and herbs along with morning glories and cosmos. Hopefully this year my dad won't weed-whack my cosmos like he did last year. :( I was so sad. He thought they were weeds.

A few nights ago I made cod with tomato pesto for my family. It was delicious but not as great as the tomato pesto I made tonight! Tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, garlic and feta cheese, heated up in the pan so the cheese would melt, added to chicken (flavored only with salt and pepper to let the pesto sing!) and spinach pasta. Mouthgasm!

This is such a "mom" picture, but they rarely sleep together and it was so cute!

This is probably the best picture I've taken of Arwen evarh. Hahah. WHOZZAT OVA DERE?

I'm not sure exactly what these little red berries are, but they're great for pictures.

I love the silver of these things against the blue of the sky.

And roses, I love roses, especially yellow ones. It is my middle name, after all.


Esshaych said...

6 skeins of yarn for $1?! *faints*
Love the hippo bag!

Jills said...

Teehee, it was all in the same bag and he rang it all up for a dollar! Win!

myklia said...

Oh me who has neglected this blog for so long (my own also). Actually the bag came from Mitsuwa in Illinois (name of town escapes me, it is next door to Schaumburg, IL and not far from Ikea). When I noticed it (a few days later of all things) I just about flipped. I knew then that bag would become yours.

myklia said...

Oh, and those kittys, I think they want to come and live with me. ;)

Jillie the Great said...


Aw, I love my bag! And I can't send my kittehs. But when I visit, I'll bring them with me. :3 Or they can go to summer camp in Wisconsin in the summer, hahah!