Sunday, April 4, 2010

Squares on Sunday I

I finished my first round of squares for the April daily CAL:

All four for Inga's Bag. Spring Green, Yellow, Royal Blue and Peruvian Print. That blue one almost didn't get finished due to migraines, but I persevered!

In honor of Squares on Sunday, and the fact I have all this free time, I set out all my 9 patch quilt blocks from the quilt-a-long started by crazymomquilts a looong time ago, back in August. Remember?  Here are my finished squares:

I have 18 sewn and 23 cut and waiting to be sewn, giving me a total of 41. Now all I need is 29 more to reach the required 70 and we can get to piecing! Exciting!

My 2009 scrapghan from last year's BAM CALs on Craftster and Ravelry has been sitting in a bag waiting to be finished. I was going to crochet it so it would almost cover my bed, but 12 inch blocks are a PITA, and it was too colorful, it started getting on my OCD/matching nerves. So in the closet it sat. I pulled it out the other day and I have enough blocks to just join it and be done, so that's what I'm going to do. I sewed in all the ends and arranged it how I'm going to join them, like so:

I'm going to use the flat braid joining and some pale blue to join, then put a granny-esque 3dc cluster border in the pale blue and some worsted purple I have. Exciting!

Oh, and happy Easter!


Jennifer said...

Hey! You're multitalented! The quilt blocks are cute...and your scrapghan is awesomely colorful!

Jills said...

Thank you! IT IS, the color's killin' me, but I think I'll get used to it. ;]