Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

April first! You know what that means. No, not crazy pranks but it's the first day of the Granny-a-Day CAL on Craftster! Woo! I really hope I can keep up with it. I will keep up with it, even if I'm crocheting in the hospital or on a boat in the Caribbean with Alex O'Loughlin. ♥


I think I'll post squares every Sunday (remember Squares on Sunday!) so as not to spam your feeds. Aren't I kind?

The Plan, which has been mentioned before, but we're going to go over it again, because guess who's blog this is? Dat's right.

First, as everyone knows thanks to this post, we are I am going to do Inga's Häkelbeutel. 16 days later, we're not done with March! And I might get bored in between as I am wont to do, so we'll fill up the days left and days in between with other granny goodness.

Second, we're going to use the yarn from EssHaych and make a hexagon pillow cover a la Attic24. Brilliant! I'm excited to make granny hexagons. Hers has four colors, and I'm stuck with three and don't want to go buying more yarn, but The Stash made it through. I found a skein and a half of Lion Brand's Wool-Ease in Natural Heather that will go great. I still have to figure out where that fits in, or if it's what I'm going to use to join, but at least I have a Plan of Action.

Well what happens when we get bored and/or finished with both? (Ha, I am so optimistic.) Then we turn back to the granny square scarf we began a while ago in coral, turquoise and purple of Lion Brand's Microspun:

Right there above Arwen's head. Well, I was looking and thinking about all the fab granny square covers I saw on Flickr and the fact I have way too many scarves (I don't even think I wore half of them this season. Does that stop me from having some planned? Nope.) and decided this might be another pillow cover. Yerp. Not definitely sure yet, but I'll keep on making squares and see what happens when I finish. Hell, they may just sit in the bag for a while until I figure out what to do with them.

And maybe some squares will get finished for my Grandma's afghan.

Now with all that said it's off to start on Inga!


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