Sunday, May 2, 2010

Squares on Sunday IV and V of April, plus I of May

Whew, I haven't posted a SoS since the 18th! Since then, I've completely finished my Inga's bag, but it needs a lining. On the 18th I did a square for my little Microspun project and took the 19th off. I wanted to start socks, and I wanted to start hexagons with my wool, but I wanted to focus on the socks. I still had some days left so I said the hell with it and started the hexagons:

I only did three squares because I refound my acrylic stash and really wanted to start busting it. So using the same pattern I've been doing two colored hexagons and joining them as I go with white. Here it is a few days ago lookin' like an amoeba:

And a semi good picture after today's 4 hex binge:

With a cactus in the background for good measure!

So that's what's been up for SoS. I've been working on the afghan. I'm not too thrilled with the socks anymore. I've gotten 4 inches into the 1x1 ribbing which is a snoozefest. It's supposed to be 8. O_O No way. I want to start the heel, but the book recommends sitting somewhere silent to really understand it, and I usually knit while I watch TV. Ah, I should just go on ahead and dive in. If I make a mistake I can always frog, right? Plus this afghan is taking up all my time. I made 4 hexes (ha) today and I've been joining them as I go. You should see the back, it's a nightmare. DO NOT WANT to weave in those ends!

I also need to get crafty things organized, because I just found a cross-stitch kit I forgot I had. I never have to buy any craft materials ever again. I always forget what I have. That and we're getting new carpet so everything has to be moved out of my room and the craft room. Ug.


Esshaych said...

OMG, you have a Craft Room?! *Jealous!*

Love the Hexagons! :D

Jills said...

Yes indeed! It started out as my mom's computer room, but after my television migrated in there, so did a lot of my other stuff. I have a whole side with a table for my sewing machines and a closet dedicated to crafts. That said, there's still yarn and still all over the house. :3