Friday, July 23, 2010

Another crazy night over here.

I seriously wonder if I can ever come home and have a normal night.  Life has to spice it up a tad.  Not too exciting when I'm exhausted and it's like 3 AM.  The only good thing is my boyfriend lives like 3 minutes away, so the drive is not too bad.  Usually.  Last night... I guess, this morning rather, I decided to go the long way to get into my neighborhood because there were cars parked on the street when I left and being the nosy person I was I wanted to know which neighborhood they were repaving.  As I turned into the entrance into all the neighborhoods, I notice a white taxi like car is sitting in the street with his flashers on.  (I say taxi like because it didn't have a thing on the top and I couldn't tell what was written on the side.)  Anyway, I drove by the guy and looked and saw some old dude.  "Ok, whatever, he's probably lost" I think to myself.  I keep going straight past my neighborhood and notice the guy and turned around.  And now he's following me.  He followed me across the cross street to where all the cars were parked.  He's all slow, too, like he doesn't want me to see him following him, but he doesn't want to lose sight of me.  I mean, if he wanted to be a better creeper he could have just turned off his lights, but whatever.  So, now I turn right, slightly freaked out, totally forgetting about what I was driving around for.  HE TURNS RIGHT, TOO.  "Ohcrap,ohcrap,ohcrap."  I keep going and stop at the stop sign, but he keeps going straight.  He pauses as he sees my lights, and I'm guessing he figured "oh, she's in her neighborhood," and keeps going.  I think he went around the cul-de-sac.  I still stay at the stop sign as he goes back the way he came.  I turn right again going towards my neighborhood.  I wonder do I call my boyfriend who, once again, was almost falling asleep when I left?  Do I call 911 and drive to the police station like my mom always tells me to do in this situation?  Do I call my parents?  Nope.  I turn down my iPod, because obviously it makes me stealthy, and keep driving.  I get to the entrance back into my neighborhood, I just have to cross the cross street, once again.   I think "oh, he's gone," but then he passes by.  I consider ducking, or turning off my lights, but that would just be ridiculous and bring more attention to me.  As he goes past my neighborhood, and doesn't turn left at the first neighborhood, I take the opportunity to cross the street and streak to my parking space and run into my house.  As I cross the cross street, I see he makes a U-turn in the next street.  GAH.  Well, at least I'm back in my house.  I'm all paranoid, too, as if I don't turn off the front light because if I do he'll see and know where I live and then come and get me.  

Ugh.  So, once again I get something to eat, and grab Susie and Arwen and throw them into my room, and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, pee, etc.  I'm thinking "this is oddly like the night with the racoons" when I suddenly hear loud cat noises.  WTF.  I ignore it.  It happens again, so I open the bathroom door and see my bedroom door, that was closed, now half open with Arwen standing in the middle, her eyes squinted to keep the light out with an expression that says "It's ok, I got this."  Gah, whatever.  I go back and brush my teeth, and hear more noises.  I'm thinking "are they fighting? (They haven't been getting along too well lately.)  Are they chewing the cord to my stereo?  Are they just playing?  Is Susie stuck under the dresser?"  The noises eventually cease, and I finish washing my face, and stuff.  I come out, and damnit if there isn't an expletive centipede on the damned wall. There's no shoes in the hallway, and I really want to go to sleep, so I just walk buy it and close the door, because duh, centipedes can't go under doors or through cracks.  So, now I'm in bed typing this on my iPhone, with my head itching like crazy, pausing every few minutes to shine the light on teh wall, because if it's in here I'll freak out.  I have a hippo to my right, and a blanket to my left, like when you were little and you hid under the blankets to avoid from the monsters.  Seriously, it worked. 

Anyway, now with one last glance on the wall, and an extra glance over the sheet to make sure the multi-legged bastard thing isn't sleeping with me, and an extra chill... HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT NOISE OUT FRONT?  It was squeaking or something.  OK, it's 2.51 AM, I need to sleep.

Woa, I'm reading this over now, and I seriously have weird nights.  I still have chills from that stupid centipede.  :(

And because I can, I made a cute little map so it makes better sense.  :3

The A is where I live.
The pink is the route I took last night.
The green is where the cars were parked.
The blue is the route I normally take.

I think tonight I'll be going down blue.  Or maybe just shake everything up and come the other direction, ah!


Esshaych said...

God, you do have some interesting nights!! That business with the man following you would've freak me out too; I don't know what I would've done in that situation :(

Jillie the Great said...

I know, right?! WTF. At least he turned around so I had chance to make it home. My boyfriend was like "ah, he was probably looking for a house," but who looks for a house at like 2.30 AM?! O_o

Esshaych said...

Eerrrr, creepy!! :S