Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I did and didn't do this weekend.

Remember how I planned all that stuff for last weekend?  Yeah, fail.  I ended up getting crazy migraines like woa, which you can read about HERE on  my migraine blog, but I was pissy and really out of it, so be warned.  For some reason I had this crazy vertigo, and could barely walk.  I'm still getting little thunderstorm migraines, that freak me out because I'm not sure if it's going to be like a 5 minute passing pain or turn into something big, and if it does turn into something big I should take my medicine ASAP, but how do I know? O_O  OK, enough about that.  I was able to clean and organize my craft room a little, and went to a party, but then I had shitty Bud Lite, and that started my downfall.  This is the best I've felt since Saturday night. 

But anyway, onto crafts.  I frogged the 4 Pointed Star Square, but haven't gotten back to redoing it.  I started the bag for my boyfriend, but the needle broke halfway through.  My mom just found some replacements yesterday, so I'll finish that most likely tomorrow.  Once I figure out the difference between size 11 and 14 needles.  I also finished the bow tie for Arwen, which I'll blog about later in an FO post, which will have details about the Merbear I made for EssHaych.  I haven't started at all on the Dalek dishcloth nor made any progress on my boyfriend's hat, but today I started testing the Apple in Suits pattern for EssHaych.  Look how cute!

Mine will have a blue suit!  :3


Esshaych said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your apple in a suit!! :D Hope it doesn't come out too big - if it does let me know and I'll shrink the pattern for you a bit :)

Jillie the Great said...

I think it might be because of the difference in yarn. I have tight tension, but whenever I do/test your projects they always come out so much bigger. I think the jellyfish was pretty big, but remember the hamster pattern I was testing, and never finished because it was MASSIVE?! The Kokeshi Doll, too, granted I made sure the pattern was ok, testing it fo realz made it all out of proportion. I'll measure and we can compare.

I hope I'm able to finish him tonight actually!

Now that gives me an idea, of Mini Apples in Suits! Apples in Mini Suits? Baby Apples in Suits? Ahahah.

Esshaych said...

The possibilities are endless!! XD