Sunday, July 18, 2010

Giving the finger to Anheuser Busch.

I'm a tad wired, which really sucks.  Yet another migraine.  I'm not even sure what the count is up to for July, but I know it's surpassed June like woa.  Anyway, I think this one might be a hangover, but I didn't even get drunk/drink enough to constitute a hangover.  I seriously think Anheuser Busch is out to get me.  The last time I had a Budweiser I threw up, and last night I had a Bud Lite and now I have a migraine. WTF.  What is wrong with your beers, man? I mean, you have great commercials and all, but your beer sucks.  My dad said it was probably just cheap beer that I have to stay away from.  I've grow out of the beer pong phase, and now drink for the taste, so that's good.

I think last time's migraine actually wasn't a migraine at all.  It was on the left side and my wisdom tooth is coming in, so I think it was a headache, especially since the Esgic worked so well.  I'm on Esgic now because the CVS/Pharmacy didn't call my doctor and redo or whatever my prescription so I'm stuck with no Treximent, which really sucks because I'm supposed to go to dinner with two friends tonight, which I've already cancelled, and my boyfriend comes back from NYC today, and I haven't seen him since Thursday and I don't want to be dying and crap.  Maybe I should up my Depakote (the preventative) to once every day, or just chill with the beer.  But I've been drinking almost every night (I'm 22 by the way, this isn't illegal) and have been fine, like a beer a night?  Maybe I'm about to start my period...  (Sorry if that's TMI, but the rush of hormones usually mean I get a cluster set and then BAM period.)

Well, I should probably sleep, even though this caffeine is making me wired.  I should write 20 more blog posts like I did last time, though I only got like 5 hours of sleep last night because my phone was messing up.

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