Friday, July 16, 2010

The Goal of the Weekend

Alright, so the goal this weekend is to finish the WIPs and clean since my boyfriend is out of town and I have all this spare time. Not sure how well that will work, since I have a migraine and ran out of the really good medicine, but migraine medicine has caffeine in it so I'm wired and am blogging like a maniac. There's three, maybe four projects that I really want to finish. They are as follows:

1. The 4-Pointed Star Square

 Remember this, the ruffly thing? I frogged it today. At first I was going to flip the yarns and use the Red Heart baby yarn for the main block and the LB Pound of Love for the points, but I think it might curl inwards. I think I might use either (a) Caron Simply Soft for the main part and the LB lavender for the points, or (b) CSS and RH since they're both a lighter weight.

Just so we know what I'm talking about: Red Heart Soft Baby in Rocking Horse, the variegated (RH); Lion Brand POUND OF LOVE in Lavender; and Caron Simply Soft in White and Soft Green, not pictured. (CSS)

2. The Bag for my Boyfriend

He needs a little change purse type thing to carry certain things around in. I've cut the fabric, gotten the zipper and supplies and even sewed on a pocket, but haven't gotten around to doing the actual sewing. It's not even that difficult, I've just been uber lazy, but he seriously needs it.

3. The Bow Tie, at least for Arwen

Arwen's 7th birthday is tomorrow. Actually today! For some reason I always make them wearables, but I found THIS pattern and decided she needs to be fancy. I think she'll either get a red or purple one. I want to make myself one, too, to wear in my hair, and then since Arwen and I will match, Susie needs to match, too. Awh, we'll be so cute. I'm such a crazy cat lady.

And I want to start/make progress on:

4. The Irish Hiking Hat

My boyfriend asked for a hat. I bought some wool (after realized I had wool in my stash, d'oh! But he doesn't like green, so it's all good.) and did four rounds of *K2 P2* ribbing, only to get to the first pattern row, which read *P2, K2, P2, K6.* O_O This messes everything up! After a long Facebook discussion, Jeanette/myklia suggested I do K2, P2, K6, P2 instead of frogging, so I think that's what I'm going to do.

5. EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! aka The Dalek Washcloth

Last year I started knitting a Dalek (Dr. Who, people) dishcloth for my mom's birthday at the end of June. I was off by one stitch and it looked insane, so I frogged it and it sat at the bottom of the WIP/Frogged drawer for ages. Her birthday this year came around, and it still wasn't done. Now her birthday's come and gone and it STILL isn't done. She needs this, seriously, and it's also part of the "DO the UFOs That I Have Around the House" Project

I know this sounds like a lot, and it is a lot, but I know I can do it! As long as this migraine goes away.

P.S. Read my stream of conscious about this migraine and other adventures with pain and crazy medicines HERE at my migraine blog.

I wrote this last night and am now migraine free!  I CO and did a few rows for Arwen's bow tie, and after I publish this, I'm going to work on my boyfriend's bag.  Please click on the picture to take you to the designer's Flickr page.

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