Saturday, July 24, 2010

Updates! Ruffles & Apples

Last night I redid the 4-Pointed Star Square with Caron Simply Soft in the place of the Red Heart Baby I had used.  It's not ruffly at all!

So I think it's definitely going in my grandma's afghan.  I've got a few more rounds to go to get 6 inches, but at least I don't have to worry about ruffles.  The only thing I changed was adding 2 chains in between each "arm" of round 4, which would now read :: sc in one of the corner loops, *ch 8; working in the 3rd ch from the hook, make1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 tr, 1 double-treble (dtr - similar to a treble but beginning with 3 yo), 1 treble-treble (ttr; similar to the dtr, but beginning with 4 yo); chain 2; sc in the ch-loop at the next corner*; repeat from * to * three times more, ending with ss in the first sc.  I think the difference in yarn weight and that solving that problem really made a difference. 

So then I was also working on testing EssHaych's pattern, the Suited Apple.  Here's what hers looks like if she's holding it:

And here's mine in my hand at round 17:

Good Lord, what happened?! We've come to the conclusion that it's most likely the weight difference: she's using DK and I'm using worsted.  I know I have a relatively tight tension, and am using a 3.5 mm hook, too, so that has to be the only difference. I've looked through my stash and didn't have any DK weight in green.  I had some baby, but it was more aqua, and I had some other DK that Sarah actually sent me, but I've been using that for hexagons.  So I looked through more, and remembered I had some KnitPicks Shine Sport.  I bought a Sheldon the Turtle and Costume Kit a while back, and never got around to making it.  (I have a bad habit of doing that, buying and then losing interest, hence the enormous stash.)  I happen to have a skein of Green Apple and River, and will now be remaking my sweet little apple, who will hopefully be small and cute and fit in my palm.  :3  I just wonder if I should go down a hook size, but I think 3.5 mm (E) should be enough.  


Esshaych said...

Looks like the weight difference if making it a bit taller? If you took about 3-4 rounds off the height it would probably look rounder :D If you wanted some DK green I can always post some to you!
Love the square! :D

Jillie the Great said...

Yeah, I'm not sure if I'm going to frog, just maybe edit your pattern for my yarn problems. :( I also think I wouldn't need to make him 42 stitches round, maybe only 30?

I'm good on yarn, I'm trying to deplete my stash! I'm calling a rain check on that offer though. ;]


Esshaych said...

You're welcome!! :D